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Academic Works | Right To Energy Daily activities_ washing before: homeless Urban area for social activities receiver national grid utility company ac/dc inverter boundary of energy receiver tower collector’s field legend Housing first Phase Markets Schools CSP Maintenence Plants Wash Areas Health Cliniques Miscellaneous Road Pedestrian Pathway Energy Infrastructure Green Park before: homeless existing houses on site 1023612 > i > ii > iii

Academic Works | Right To Energy Overview Of Project Development Right to energy can start to develop as a model for sustainable , pollution free city. Over time, there is potential for such multiplication of settlements, which can move beyond self sustainability and become major energy providers for the country. My response to this project when it is proposed, is that i want inhabitants to receive free energy, in return the spatial design is influenced by solar harvesting through its geometrical quality, it changes the way a energy infrastructure is designed, and physical space is built. Production becomes the underlying theme throughout the development, supplying constant flow of electricity. The introduction of electricity to places where non or limited amount existed, allows people to increase their production, expand beyond to trade. view of streetscape in network before: school >> drawing i Section Across Right To Energy Network in Delmas >> visualization ii Overview of Right To Energy Network view of school parcel >> visualization iii School within the Energy Network >> visualization iv Scene of energy network in market area in detail >> visualization v Scene of residential neighbourhood structures to remain boundary of energy network collector’s field Before: market stalls > iv > v

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