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Pareeksha vijayi Final

R 12 Veto follow us:

R 12 Veto follow us: 10 49. Who invented the Steam Engine? A. Marconi B. Thomas Savery C. James Watt D. Wright Brothers 50. Numismatics is the study of: A. Coins B. Stamps C. Numbers D. Space 51. What is the name of the first satellite sent into space? A. Sputnik B. Laika C. Apple D. Bhaskara 52. Which instrument is used to measure Pressure? A. Ammeter B. Manometer C. Lactometer D. Sacharimeter 53. Which is the border line that separates India and Pakistan? A. Radcliff line B. Line of control C. Durant line D. Ran of Kutch 54. Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title? A. Manoj Kothari B. Michael Ferrerna C. Wilson Jones D. Geet Sethi 55. Where is the headquarters of National Thermal Power Corporation situated? A. Varanasi B. New Delhi C. Mumabi D. Dispur 56. The code name of the first vehicle driven by man on the moon’s surface: A. Lunar B. Rover C. Eagle D. Challenger 57. In which year It act came into force in India? A. 2000 B. 2005 C. 1998 D. 2001 58. The fear of being out of mobile phone contact is known as: A. Biophobia B. Monophobia C. Nomophobia D. Sonophobia 59. In which place Mortuary temple of Seti I located? A. Jordan B. Greece C. Tunisia D. Egypt 60. In which country recently conducted the first Brain implantation? A. U.K. B. Netherlands C. Iceland D. Germany 61. Average of a, b, c is p and ab+bc+ca = 3, what is the average of a 2 , b 2 , c 2 ? A. 3p 2 B. P 2 - 2 C. 3p 2 - 2 D. 9p 2 62. A square garden measuring 10 meter on a side is surrounded by a 2 meter wide path. What is the area of the path? A. 44 sq.m B. 144 sq.m C. 196 sq.m D. 96 sq.m 63. 148.62 + 5.891 + 36.4 + 213.06 = _________ A. 403.971 B. 364.957 C. 424.23 D. None of these 64. A work can finish 6 male workers or 9 female workers in 20 days. How many days take to finish the same work with 4 male workers and 4 female workers? A. 10 days B. 18 days C. 12 days D. 15 days 65. A bank is calculate the simple interest at the rate 12½%, how many years take a fixed amount become doubled: A. 4 years B. 12 years C. 8 years D. 10 years 66. A and B start from a fixed point, A moves 6 km west ward and turns left and then covers 5 km. B moves 3km north ward and stand there. The distance between A and B now is: A. 10 km B. 8 km C. 9 km D. 11 km 67. P is Q’s brother, Q is R’s sister and R is S’s father then S is P’s: A. Sister B. Brother C. Wife D. None of these 68. Which of the following is replaces the question mark 7 : 9 : : 343 : ? A. 117 B. 225 C. 729 D.486 69. Seen through a mirror, the arms of a clock shows 8.50. What is the actual time? A. 4.10 B. 3.10 C. 10.15 D. 9.45 70. BACD is coded as 2134, what would HFEG stands for: A. 8567 B. 8765 C. 8756 D. 8657 71. Find the missing number of the series. 9, 16, 30, ____, 114 A. 51 B. 58 C. 42 D. 54 72. Find the odd man out: A. 8B1 B. 2E5 C. 6H4 D.1D6 73. If the Christmas day of 2017 is MONDAY, then the Republic Day of 2018 is: A. TUESDAY B. MONDAY C. SUNDAY D. FRIDAY 74. If < means +, > means – , ∧ means÷,∨means x then the value of 16∧4∨23 A. 7 B. 1 C. 31 D. 9 75. Find out the correct alternative with the series K4J3RPQ2TV3A3 A. K4J3PQR2TV3A3 B. K4J3RPQ2VT3A3 C. K4J3RPQ2TV3A3 D. K4J3RQP2TV3A3 76. What is the sum of the even integers from 100 to 1000? A. 280450 B. 250840 C. 248050 D. 208450 77. 10% of x is 25% of y then x:y is: A. 5:2 B. 2:5 C. 1:2 D. 2:1 78. ⎛ 1⎞⎛ 1⎞⎛ 1⎞ ⎛ 1 ⎞ ⎜1− ⎟⎜1− ⎟⎜1 − ⎟...... ⎜1 − ⎟= _____ ⎝ 3 ⎠⎝ 4 ⎠⎝ 5 ⎠ ⎝ 100 ⎠ 1 1 A. B. 100 50 2 1 C. D. 50 500 79. If , 100 3 n 3 n−1 × − = 891 3 then the value of ‘n’ is: A. 4 B. 3 C. 5 D. 2 80. The cost price of 60 articles is equal to the selling price of 50 articles. The gain % is: A. 60% B. 10% C.50% D. 20% 81. Put the adjectives in right order. The house was _______ building A. a nice stone old B. a nice old stone C. a stone old nice D. an old nice stone 82. Choose the correct plural form of “Basis”. A. basis B. basic C. basises D. bases 83. The noun “SPONTANEITY” belongs to which category: A. count B. collective C. mass D. compound 84. Many a man _________ tempted by gold A. is B. are C. did D. have 85. Select the word which is apposite to “STERN”: A. indulgent B. liberal C. emotional D. lenient 86. Choose the most appropriate word: The ________ of a railway engine is almost deafening A. scream B. shriek C. screech D. scramble 87. Use the correct conditionals She would buy a pony, if __________ enough money A. she has B. she have C. she had D. she did 88. Find the phrase that best fits in to the blank in the sentence The occasion _________ prompt action A. call up B. call to C. call out D. call of 89. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom: “To show the white feather” A. To show signs of cowardice B. To seek peace C. To show arrogance D. To become polite 90. The boy, along with the tourists _________ gone A. do B. has C. have D. does 91. Find out the passive form of: “Does she know me”? A. Did I know her? B. H a s s h e known me? C. Am I known to her? D. None 92. Choose the correctly spelt word: A. opportunity B. oppertunity C. oppurtunity D. opporttunity 93. Which sentence is correct? A. He was universally loved and honoured by all B. He was universally loved and honoured C. He was universally loved and honoured by every one D. None 94. Choose the correct tag question: Don’t make any noise, _________? A. do you? B. don’t you? C. will you? D. does you? 95. Complete the sentence meaningfully: Seeing that the child was ill, the: A. windows of the room were closed B. doctor was sent for C. bottle of the medicine was found empty D. mother sent for the doctor 96. Select a word synonymous with ‘INTEGRITY’. A. Selflessness B. Selfishness C. Honesty D. Durability 97. Each of these apartment building has _________ own swimming pool A. its B. that C. their D. his 98. Use the correct adverb to replace the groups of words in bold letters. He was appointed Principal, “for the present time only”: A. accidently B. unanimously C. voluntarily D. provisionally 99. Identify the sentence “Look before you leap”: A. interrogative B. imperative C. declarative D. exclamatory 100. We agree _______ most things A. about B. on C. with D. for Answer: 1. c 2. d 3. d 4. d 5. d 6. b 7. d 8. a 9. d 10. c 11. No answer (Correct answer - Aminah Gurub) 12. C13. D 14. C 15. A 16. B (\ne-hn Dr. K.Shivan) 17. D 18. D19. C 20.A 21.B 22.A 23.B 24.D 25.A 26.C 27.B 28.D 29.A 30.D 31.C 32.A 33.B 34.No answer (Correct answer - 1995) 35.D 36.B 37.A 38.A 39.B 40.C 41.C 42.A 43.D 44.B 45.C 46.C 47.B48.D 49.C 50.A 51.A 52.B 53.A 54.C 55.B 56.B 57.A 58.C 59.D 60.B 61.C 62.D 63.A 64.B 65.C 66.A 67.D 68.C 69.B 70.D 71.B 72.A 73.D 74.A 75.C 76.C 77.A 78.B 79.B 80.D 81.B 82.D 83.C 84.A 85.D 86.B 87.C 88.D 89.A 90.B 91.C 92.A 93.B 94.C 95.D 96.C 97.A 98.D 99.B 100.A

R 12 Veto follow us: 11 1. When Lime Juice is added to pure water it’s pH? [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) increases (c) remain same Rare 50 [Special for Company/Corp./ Board Assistant Exam] [Rank making questions of 2016-17 degree level exams] (b) decreases (d) increase and then decreases Ans: (b) Decreases 2. The polymer found in crustacean shell [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) calcium carbonate (b) starch (c) cellulose (d) chitosan Ans: (d) chitosan 3. ‘Hybernation’ is [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Autumn sleep (c) summer sleep Ans: (d) winter sleep (b) spring sleep (d) winter sleep 4. Tropical cyclones in ‘Atlantic ocean’ [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Typhoons (c) Willi-willies Ans: (b) Hurricanes (b) Hurricanes (d) Tornadoes 5. The famous resolution on non-co-operation adopted by Indian National Congress in a special session held at [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Bombay (b) Culcutta (c) Lucknow (d) Madras Ans: (c) Lucknow 6. “Travelling through conflict” is written by: [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Hamid Ansari (b) Hamid Karsai (c) V.S.Naipaul (d) Abdul Kalam Ans: (a) Hamid Ansari 7. International day of peace [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) September 12 (b) September 21 (c) October 24 (d) October 26 Ans: (b) September 21 8. UNDP published its first report on “Human Development” in [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) 1989 (b) 1990 (c) 1991 (d) 1992 Ans: (b) 1990 9. ‘Firodiya Awards’ given for [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Science and technology (b) Literature (c) Medicine (d) Sports Ans: (a) Science and technology 10. ‘Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Award’ is instituted by: [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Oxford University ( b ) C a m b r i d g e University (c) Chicago University (d) Aligarh University Ans: (b) Cambridge University 11. ‘Karewas’ means: [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Glacial deposits (b) River deposits (c) Wind deposits (d) Wave deposits Ans: (a) Glacial deposits 12. The Article 131 of the Indian constitution deals with [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) The advisory Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (b) The original Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (c) Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (d) The Miscellaneous Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court Ans: (b) The original Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court 13. Agriculture under Indian Constitution is: [Municipal Secretary - 2015] (a) Union Govt. Subject (b) State Subject (c) Concurrent list (d) Residuary list Ans: (b) State Subject 14. The total amount of greenhouse gas emission caused by an organization, event, product or personal is termed as [University Assistant (Calicut)] (a) carbon accounting (b) green house liability (c) carbon foot print (d) carbon sapture Ans: (c) Carbon Foot Print 15. In which states of matter diffusion is greater? [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Solid (b) Liquid (c) Gas (d) Plasma Ans: (c) Gas 16. The change of frequency experienced by the reciever either because of the relative motion of the source or reciever or both: [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Joules Law (b) Ohm’s Law (c) Doppler effect (d) Fleming’s left hand rule Ans: (c) Doppler effect 17. Glucose test is conducted by using the solution: [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Benedict solution (b) Barium Chloride Solution (c) Silver nitrate solution (d) Perrous sulphate solution Ans: (a) Benedict solution 18. In the armature and the field magnet of a generator; the stationary part is the: [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Rotor (b) Stator (c) Power (d) Excitor Ans: (b) Stator 19. Isomerism with a difference in the position of the functional group are known as [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Functional isomerism (b) Chain isomerism (c) metamerism (d) position isomerism Ans: (d) position isomerism 20. Micro farad is the commonly used unit of: [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) resistance (b) inductance (c) capacitance (d) diodes Ans: (c) capacitance 21. In which part of Himalayas do we find the karewa formation? [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) North Eastern Himalayas (b) Kashmir Himalayas (c) Eastern Himalayas (d) Himachal - Utharakhand Ans: (b) Kashmir Himalayas 22. In which year, the newspaper sujananandini was started [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) 1886 (b) 1891 (c) 1897 (d) 1912 Ans: No Answer (Correct answer - 1892) 23. The UPSC submits its annual reports to: [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Cabinet Secretariat (b) Parliament (c) The President (d) Home Minister Ans: (c) The President 24. The theory of basic structure of the constitution was propounded by the Supreme Court in: [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Minerva Mill case (b) S.R. Bommai case (c) Golaknath case (d) Keshavananda Bharathi case Ans: (d) Keshavananda Bharathi case 25. “To Awaken the people, it is the women who should be awakned once she is on the move the family moves the nation moves” [Asst. Gr.II - KSEB] (a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Jawaharlal Nehru

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