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130218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final

to preserve agricultural

to preserve agricultural lands. The Governorate is currently designing such a land-use plan. It would be necessary to include, as early as possible, consideration of climate mitigation and adaptation in this exercise as well as objectives to better preserve biodiversity both along the Nile River and in city’s surrounding desert environment. Education & awareness raising Raise awareness among all stakeholders living and/or using the City of Luxor’s territory, to highlight how fragile this environment is, flagging the interdependencies between the different components that nourish the City’s economy: tourism, building and services, agriculture. Specific actions should be developed to educate farmers and tourists on ways to conserve natural resources, preserve water and save energy, especially during extreme weather events. Technical measures Develop greening infrastructure such as buildings’ roofs and walls covered with greenery to increase the amount of shade and refresh the environment. The very presence of trees and plants generates a cooling effect on the immediate environment. Such structures could be promoted initially in public buildings as a demonstration of the benefits. Likewise, developing green areas in the city by planting trees and building fountains will help reduce the heat island effect. Build exemplary districts with climate friendly and climate adapted urban forms and buildings. The combination of innovative technics (including the Nubian Vault mentioned above), adequate district design and greenery development could result in a much appreciated urban environment. Other techniques such as using white roofs, natural shading and bioclimatic designs, could be integrated in these exemplary districts. Promote agriculture climate adaptation plans. It would be interesting to promote technologies that will both favour climate mitigation and adaptation: drip irrigation practices, agro-forestry systems, drought resistant crops, etc. This should be done in conjunction with mitigation measures that are promoted in this SECAP. Protect the biodiversity. This programme should include tree planning (using native species) alongside the Nile River and riverside biodiversity protection. It should aim to establish and restore riparian buffers. A general multi-purpose riparian buffer design consists of a strip of grass, shrubs, and trees between the normal bank-full water level and cropland. The programme should also develop action to preserve the very specific biodiversity of the desert surrounding the City of Luxor. 7.4. Adopted adaptation actions per sector – City of Luxor Table 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 focuses on a set of suggested adaptation actions on the population and public health, infrastructure, built environment, economy, biodiversity in the City of Luxor, Governorate of Luxor. 118

Table 17: Suggested adaptation actions for population and public health – City of Luxor Actions’ characteristics Strategic Adaptation Actions Actions 2017 Health action plan for the extreme events that the municipality is facing, e.g., heat. etc., (Heat health action plan). Provide access to air-conditioned public buildings during heat waves or other extreme events, for those citizens that lack the infrastructure to protect themselves (people living in underground apartments during floods, or lacking AC during extreme temperatures, etc.). Collaboration with the regional medical services to increase preparedness level. Governorate of Luxor, city of Luxor Under development Not yet done Done Collaboration exists Alert / Communication Educational Technical Developing an early warning system to alert citizens in the case of extreme weather events or natural disasters (heat waves, floods, tsunami, etc. Educational and awareness raising campaigns about healthrelated effects of heat waves, floods, vector borne diseases, etc., and educate residents on the ways to protect their health and prevent infection or impact. Regular cleaning and maintenance of sewage & drainage system Identification of potential hot spots for the development of vector borne diseases Frequent monitoring of water and air quality Not yet done Education, awareness raising, and campaigns are for Municipal staff. (Under development) Under development Under development Under development Table 18: Suggested adaptation actions for infrastructure – City of Luxor Actions’ characteristic Adaptation Actions Actions 2017 Governorate of Luxor, city of Luxor Strategic Water and Waste Water management plan There is a plan, but under development Alert / New specifications for bridges, according to maximum expected flow during floods or sea level rise and highest temperatures Modelling predicted supply changes in the electricity from the locally available RES sources that serve the community, as a result of the climate change Frequent monitoring of the infrastructure in order to spot and quickly repair any damages Issuing alerts in case part of the infrastructure has been severely damaged, and citizens should avoid it Under development Not done yet Monitoring is done on a weekly basis during infrastructure meeting Under development 119

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