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City of Luxor – Governorate of Luxor Priority Action # 2 for SECAP 1. General presentation 2. Sustainable and Green Boats # 2 Summary of the Action Current Status – Transport (water) in the city of Luxor (Governorate of Luxor) Transport in the City of Luxor – Governorate of Luxor is one of the key concerns to be addressed, as this sector is both a significant domain of energy consumption (41% with 2002 GWh/year) and the first GHG emitter (33% with 531 ktCO 2eq/year). Also, the GHG emission from tourists’ transport amounts to 273 ktCO 2eq/year and 790GWh/y. Hence all transports represent 804 ktons CO 2 equivalent/year. There are 253 boats large cruise boats based in the city of Luxor. Only 112 of them are in operation (2016), consuming 13,000 litres of diesel per journey of a week. Location: City of Luxor, Governorate of Luxor Start date: December 2017 Project lifetime: 3 years End: December 2020 Estimated cost € Technical support 30.000 € Boats’ conversion fund 2,780,000 € There are also 155 small dhows sailing on the Nile river from one bank to the other and consuming 20 litres of diesel per day in average. The movement of these boats cause air and water pollution resulting from their daily journey from the west to east banks transferring tourists and passengers. The use of diesel negatively impacts the city’s air quality and affects the Nile river, as well as the antiquities and heritage sites located nearby. The City of Luxor - Governorate of Luxor (municipality) has the desire to move forward to holistically solve the challenges facing the city, promoting sustainable and green transport and developing a comprehensive tourism strategic and efficient solution with the Sustainable and Green Tourism Plan (SGTP). This SGTP will introduce measures and technologies to green tourists’ boats and small passengers’ dhows. General Objectives of the project The Sustainable and Green Boats (SGB) priority action, which is one component of the SGTP, consists mainly in converting all these boats using fossil fuel to operate with LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gaz) or CNG (Compressed natural gas) which are far cleaner than diesel and generate less CO 2 emissions. This action will transform both transport and tourism sectors, that are the highest GHG emitting sectors in the city of Luxor. It will also improve air and Status of the Action: • New • Planned • Following previous action. 134

water quality of the surrounding environments. This action supports the Governorate of Luxor to attain the SDS 2030 and contribute in achieving SDG 7: Ensure Access to Affordable Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All, and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, particularly in Egypt SDS 2030 Strategic objectives under energy and environment sectors. National Strategy, Policies, Legal framework and laws, and Programmes General: Vision and Strategy - Egypt’s Vision 2030, - Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy – SDS 2030, - Egypt’s Green Economy Strategy – GES 2030, and - Green City Strategy 2030 ‘’Luxor the Heritage City of the World’’ – Luxor Governorate (2014). Specific Strategy and Policy Strategy - National Tourism Strategy 2020 (2013), - Transport Strategy and Action Plan, - Freight Transport (MFT) strategy MoTr and JICA, - Sustainability - Tourism, Energy Use and Conservation (2014), - National Strategy for Integrated Coastal Management – NSICM, MoEnv, - Tourism, Energy Use and Conservation – TEUC (2014), - National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction – NSACCDRR (2011), and - EU-Egypt Action Plan for Egypt’s National Development Plan (2002 – 2007). Policies - National Sustainable Transport Policy, - Transport Policy and Planning, and - National Air Quality Policy – NAQP, UNEP (2015). Climate Change Policies - Environmental Air Quality Policy – UNDP (2015), - Third National Communication on Climate Change – EEAA and UNDP (2014), - Second National Communication on Climate Change – EEAA and UNDP (2010), and - Initial National Communication on Climate Change – MoEnv and EEAA (1999). Legislations, Laws and Decrees Laws - New Investment Laws (2017), - Climate Change Legislations (2015), - Clean Development Mechanism – CDM (2010), 135

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