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130218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final

move. Awareness should

move. Awareness should also focus on the fact that Green water transport – Tourism development doesn’t mean that energy will become abundant. On the contrary such awareness campaign should highlight that combining renewable energy and the use of NG/CNG instead of non-clean energy will make tourist cruise boats and small passenger boats would reduce GHG emissions and make air and water less polluted. The Awareness Raising Programme (ARP), would include meetings, workshops, lectures and workshops for staff and citizens that could take part in several initiatives: - The creation of a permanent municipal information point, - The organisation of an open house, - The publication of articles in local and regional newspapers, - The distribution of brochures and posters, - The distribution of an information letter that includes current events on sustainability and local success stories: • Information on national energy policies and local implications, • The prevailing energy conditions in the municipality, and • The progress of the different actions implemented within the framework of the SE strategy and the SECAP Successful projects in municipalities, notably in municipalities that are members of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM). 6. Assumptions and risks - The key challenge will be to change the mind set of some boat owners, - Organise a proper maintenance service in order to ensure adequate CNG and renewable electricity management, - The medium to low price of diesel set by the Egyptian General Petroleum Authority - EGPA (MoPMRs) is a challenge, but this will change in 2018 with new planned energy tariffs, and - Beyond promoting new green cruise boats, reducing energy demands is dependent on public mobilization. 7. Key success factors • Cost of new Energy tariff means that any saving will be a significant value and an incentive, • Municipality determination to act in a comprehensive way on sustainable energy, mainly CNG, SWH, and PV, and the Governor of Luxor dedication to support the plan and raise capacity building for the Governorate staff to optimize implementation, and • The boats owners perceiving the benefits of a better management of their fleet and the potential impact of profiling Luxor as a green tourism and cultural destination. 144

8. Cost estimates Technical support for designing the master plan Boat conversion fund (subsidies) - Cruise boat engine conversion 2,000,000 € - Led lamps 180,000 € - Solar PV 600,000 € - Small boats conversion 930,000 € Approximate annual cost saving - 30% gains from occupancy optimization 858,000 € - 10% due to Solar PV 286,000 € Return on Investment (draft calculation) 30,000 € 2,780,000 € 1,144,000 € Not relevant at this stage for engine conversion as operating costs remain the same. 9. Available and foreseen sources of funding to be developed Local authority's own resources: International Financial Institutions 62 : - The World Bank (WB), - United Nations Development Program (UNDP), - European Commission (EC), - European Investment Banks (EIB), - European Bank for Reconstruction Development a (EBRD), - French Development Agency (AFD), - United States Agency for International Development (USAID), - Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (kfW), - German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), - Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), - OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), - Islamic Development Bank (IDB), - African Development Bank (ADB), - Arab Fund for Social & Economic Development (AFSED), National Funds and Programs EU Funds & Programs and other external funds 62 The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, MoIIC – Available at: (Accessed on: 14.08.2017) 145

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