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130218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final

The Sustainable and

The Sustainable and Green Tourism Plan (SGTP) will focus on hotels and resorts to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency and develop renewable solutions to cover energy needs. This priority action will both help profiling the City of Luxor as a sustainable tourism destination and, improving air and water quality of the surrounding environments, contribute to protect heritage sites that represent the main capital for future development of the tourism sector. • New • Planned • Following previous action. This priority action - SGTP will also support the Governorate of Luxor in contributing to the Egypt’s vision and attaining the National SDS 2030 and helping in achieving SDG 7: Ensure Access to Affordable Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All, and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. National Strategy, Policies, Laws, Plans and Programmes General: Vision and Strategy - Egypt’s Vision 2030, - Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy – SDS 2030, - Egypt’s Green Economy Strategy – GES 2030, and - Green City Strategy 2030 ‘Luxor the Heritage City of the World’ – Luxor Governorate (2014). Strategy, Policies and Plans Strategy - Energy Strategy 2015 – 2030 (MoPMRs), - National Renewable Energy Action Plan – NREAP 2015, - Strategic Energy Efficiency Roadmap and Energy Prices 2014, - Strategy for Renewable Energy 2027 (20% by 2020), - National Strategy on Market for Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources 2014, - Politically Viable Institutional Strategy for Energy Efficiency – PVISEE 2014, - Strategy to Promote Green Building – MoEnv (2012), - Strategic Development Plan (SDP) of Southern Egypt – UNDP (2007), and - Sustainable Environmental Compatible Building – SECB. Policies - Policy Framework of Energy Efficient Practices (PFEEPs), Plans - National Energy Efficiency Action Plan – NEEAP (2012 – 2015), - Energy Efficiency Plans in Electricity Sector – EEPES (2012 – 2015) , - Mediterranean Electricity Regulatory – MEDREG (2013), - National Energy Efficiency Action Plan – NEEAP (2012), - Energy Efficiency Plans and Capacity Building Schemes (2012), - Employment Promotion through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – EPRREE 2016, and - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy National Study – EERENS, UNEP 2007. 162

Laws, Regulations and Decrees Laws and Regulations - New Investment law and execution legislations 2017, - New Electricity law 2015, - Renewable Energy and Feed-in-Tariff 2014 and 2017, - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Comprehensive Law No. 203 – REEEL 2014, - Incentives for Generating Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources 2014, and - Public Private Partnership – PPP 2010. Decrees - New Electricity Tariff Ministerial Decree 2016, - Stimulation of Producing Electricity from Renewable Energy Source 2015, - Feed-in-Tariff 2014 and 2 nd Feed-in-Tariff 2016, - Net Metering 2013, and - Executing Electricity Generation from different Clean Energy Sources 2012. Programmes and Initiatives Programmes - Green Cities and Sustainable Development (2015), - Green Building Programme – UNDP (2014), - Green Building Guideline – GBG (2013), - Renewable Energy and Energy Rationalisation in New and Urban Communities, - Power Purchase Agreement – EgyptERA 2014, - Design of Feed-in Tariffs 2012 and 2016, - Egyptian-German Joint Committee Programme on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 2015 – 2018, and - Renewable Energy Fund – REF 2012. Governorate and Municipal vision and strategy The Governorate of Luxor developed a Green City Strategy 2030 - GCS “Luxor the Heritage City of the World” that was launched on June 14, 2014. However, the implementation road map of the GCS has not been published yet. The Governorate of Luxor also joined the Resilient Cities Acceleration Initiative (RCAI) in its 3 rd phase with the objective to assist selected cities to be more resilient in confronting environmental challenges and counterbalance the impact of CC risks on the socioeconomic life 65 . Keeping in mind its specific values and the local context, the City of Luxor develops a strategy consistent with Egypt’s Vision 2030, Energy Strategy 2035 and National SDS 2030. This strategy is structured around two folds: 65 163

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