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130218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final

2.1.1. Template Proposed

2.1.1. Template Proposed Communication or Awareness Raising Action related to Specific/Pilot Project: Energy - Title of the Pilot Project: 194 Raising the environmental awareness of the citizen to rationalize the use of energy - Title of the Communication Action related to the pilot project: Communication with house residents and places of target groups. - Location (site/place/site or place/schools…): In offices, villages and women's gatherings, youth centres, the open day of the governor of Luxor in the governorate’s HQ, the main centres and government departments in Luxor. - Summary of the Communication Action - General objective(s): Build awareness on the importance of rationalizing consumption and switching to the use of clean energy as much as possible. - Key Message: Rationalization saves money for the owner and reduces the power outage endured by the governorate. - Theme: A practical explanation on the importance of the message of rationalization of energy and the efficiency and benefits drawn by switching to the use of clean energy. - Target group: Youth, Women (housewives and working in the government) - Tools and channels: Seminars at the youth centres and the National Council for Women, meetings in the centres of women and community service, informal seating for the big families in villages, meetings in the governorate headquarters and government centres in the main cities. - Organization - Roles and responsibilities (Communication Team): Coordinate with the governor's office to give the special team of environment management in the governorate the networking method with women working in all government departments from the provincial centres and the Ministries of Health and Education. The team from the Environment Department aims to gather women and men, to raise awareness through informal gatherings of families in villages for a community outreach. Coordinate with the manufacturers, supply and installation of solar power generation systems and solar heaters, to train and rehabilitate local companies to provide all necessary services for the transformation of clean and renewable energy for those who want. - Project lifetime (start and end date): 6 months, starting from March 2018 to include the month of Ramadan in May, and ending in August.

- Link to other opportunities and/or events: Rehabilitation of companies and suppliers of electrical installation services to provide sources for the solar energy and solar heaters systems. - Principal partners and stakeholders and their roles - Staff training needs: Training on how to use the Ohm-meter to measure the difference in the consumption of electricity and the means of clarification and explanation necessary to submit the campaign to enable the team to: Energy saving rates in kilowatts during the use of energy-saving lamps or clean energy systems and rationalization of consumption and translate this to financial estimates. - Technical assistance and expert needs: Rehabilitation of companies and suppliers of electrical products for the supply, installation and maintenance of solar power systems and solar heaters. - Cost estimate - Estimated implementation cost: EUR (and local currency at the date of preparation): Under calculation - Funding source (available and foreseen): Manufacturers of energy saving devices and lamps (such as Venus company), solar power plants and systems, solar heaters (such as military factories) and major distributors in Luxor (such as Nasiriya market for products and electrical installations). - Initial and start-up expenses and approximate operational Costs: - Next steps: Under calculation Coordinate with the Governor to get his support for the communication and coordination with women in governmental departments and to hold open day meetings. Coordinate with relevant civil associations such as Mustafa Mahmoud and Ain Al-Hayat in Cairo through its work and branches in Luxor and the future East Mahameed Armant Association Coordinate with the producers and suppliers of solar power generation systems and solar heaters. Prepare the campaign plan from activities, movement, message and design of materials and publications. - Follow-up, evaluation and impact assessment: - Monitor the differences in electricity consumption during and after the campaign - Monitor the purchase and demand for energy saving products and clean and renewable energy systems - Design a questionnaire to monitor any change in the pattern or behaviour of electricity consumption 195