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130218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final

- Annexes or references

- Annexes or references to annexes Materials for the campaign and its cost: Due to the scepticism of the target groups and the most influential in consumption rates (women and youth) it is necessary to work face-to-face and use real and practical means of explanation and demonstrate the difference in consumption and the impact of this in the rates of consumption and the provision of energy and money. This requires: - Electrical tools for household consumption simulators, such as wood panels, lamps, electric lamps for the installation of ordinary lamps and LED with connection to the Ohmmeter to indicate the difference in consumption. - Data show, display screen for campaigns, and sound system with 2 wireless microphones. - Video camera to document the events and use the outputs of the tours throughout the campaign. - The means of transport to travel during the campaign. About two or three trips/visits weekly during the campaign period. Renting a microbus for half a day 300 pounds/day - Gifts and souvenirs for the campaign of 40-50 individuals (preferably things that include the domain and the logo of the sponsors) for distribution during the meeting at a rate of 10 pounds at a cost of 400-500 pounds / day. - Food and beverages for hospitality of the assembly at a rate of 500 pounds / day. - A reward for the researcher of 200 pounds and an assistant of 100 pounds of the management at a rate of 300 pounds / day. - Printing and printed materials: 3000 pounds. 196

2.1.2. Template Proposed Communication or Awareness Raising Action related to Specific/Pilot Project: Energy 1. Title of the Pilot Project: Raising the environmental awareness of the citizen to rationalize the use of energy 2. Title of the Communication Action related to the pilot project: Green Corner Festival for Environmental Education and Awareness 3. Location (site/place/site or place/schools…): Omar Ibn Abd El Aziz elementary school at El Karnak (Nagea El Tawil area) 4. Summary of the Communication Action - General objective(s): Raising awareness on the importance of rationalisation of energy and using clean energy as much as possible. - Key Message: Rationalisation makes your environment cleaner, more beautiful and saves your money. It decreases power cuts that governorate suffers from. - Theme: Green Corner Festival in Schools - Target group: School children - Tools and channels: Organizing the Green Corner Festival in coordination with the Governor's Office to facilitate permits and cooperation of the Ministry of Education and in cooperation with the active NGOs specialized in the promotion of environmental awareness, such as Ain Al-Hayat, based in Cairo, and has a branch in Qena. Also, the possibility of cooperation with Mustafa Mahmoud Association for its potential and its presence in Luxor. 5. Organization - Roles and responsibilities (Communication Team): Coordinate with the Governor's Office to hold the festival under his auspices to facilitate the communication with the Ministry of Education for the necessary permits to design the programme of the festival - Project lifetime (start and end date): It is preferable to hold the festival after the mid-year vacation in February - Link to other opportunities and/or events: 197

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