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130218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final

• Demonstrate the

• Demonstrate the political will of the municipality; • Give political visibility to energy management; • Provide direction to facilitate the development of partnerships with national and global institutions; • Manage transversal issues related to the energy transition. Through the dynamism of the elected/appointed officials in charge of energy and the sustainable energy team, energy management must progressively occupy a greater role in the different sectors that fall under the municipality’s responsibility. The dedicated elected/appointed official must work in collaboration with other elected officials and with the technical head of energy. He/she is the spokesperson for all subjects related to energy policy and municipal property and must be attentive to city personnel and users. He/she must and provide momentum for the SECAP’s implementation. He/she also ensures the: • Creation of inter-thematic connections and the integration of energy management into all City’s projects and actions; • Facilitation of information sharing (completed tasks, projects, etc.) among different services, municipal departments and external actors; and • Communication with diverse audiences on energy management. Role of the municipal council The main responsibilities of the municipal council are: • Providing guidance by setting priorities and objectives for Governorate’s energy policy; • Integrating the action plan into budget planning process and prioritising/ensuring its implementation; • Validating the completion of the actions and managing the budget; • Adapting the objectives and action plans to the evolution of the projects as well as human and financial capacities; • Proposing new actions and integrating them into the action plan; and • Delegating and assigning tasks to implement the SECAP. Local and national coordination The Governorate should build relationships with regional actors that have a role to play in the exploitation, study and analysis, management and use of energy resources within the territory. These include various public institutions and administrations, local agencies and organisations, industries, public and private enterprises, universities and research centres and civil society actors (NGOs, neighbourhood councils, etc.). Involvement of stakeholders and citizens The municipality adopted a participative approach during the elaboration phase of the SECAP. In addition, its implementation phase engages all of the stakeholders, including: institutions, professional organizations, socio-economic actors, NGOs, local councils, etc. The consultation and exchange meeting contribute to and enhances the SECAP by incorporating stakeholders’ opinions, criticisms and propositions. Stakeholder participation is a measurement of the SECAP’s successful implementation. 26

To ensure the success of project implementation within the framework of the sustainable energy strategy, certain capacity reinforcement and awareness-raising actions for different sectors of the local population must be carried out. These include: • Lectures: organizing and facilitating a series of conferences and lectures given by professionals and experts. These meetings are meant for a diverse audience: local authorities, enterprises and the general public. The main objective is to educate local actors and encourage them to take action. • Workshops: holding thematic workshops on sustainable energy (energy consumption reduction, energy efficiency and renewable energies) that enrich Governorate (municipal) personnel’s knowledge on the subject and, thus, facilitate the SECAP’s implementation. Citizen awareness promotion plan The elaboration of the «Citizen Awareness Promotion Plan - CAPP» is meant to educate and inform the local population and stakeholders. It allows all actors to be involved in and contribute to the SECAP’s implementation. It could encompass several actions, including: • The creation of a permanent municipal information point; • The organisation of an open house; • The publication of articles in local and regional newspapers; • The distribution of brochures and posters; and • The distribution of an information letter that includes current events on sustainability as well as local success stories. This would include: - Information on national energy policies and local implications; - The prevailing energy conditions in the Governorate (municipality); - The state of progress of the different actions implemented within the framework of the sustainable energy strategy and the SECAP; and - Successful projects in national and international municipalities, notably in municipalities that are members of the CoM. The Governorate’s information and awareness raising actions contribute to demand creation in the sustainable energy market. To create supply, similar actions that support the local economic fabric should be undertaken. To promote the local economy, the Governorate will organize meetings to exchange with different socio-economic players. As part of its SECAP and sustainable development strategy 2030, these meetings enable the City of Luxor – Governorate of Luxor to ensure that the supply of skills within its territory responds to existing, or future, demand. The elaboration of a regional skills directory (within the City and its neighbouring territories), which includes the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, gives visibility to the skills and actors present in the Governorate. 3.8. Budget In its annual budget, the Governorate of Luxor should undertake certain sustainable energy priority actions and initiate communication campaigns that inform and educate all stakeholders. Access to national and international financing will help assure the SECAP’s success by tapping into funds that support the 27

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