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Platform Coaching for Political Candidates

Comprehensive coaching package builds deliberate, confident approach for campaigning.

Platform Coaching for Political

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Platform Coaching for Political Candidates Comprehensive coaching package builds deliberate, confident approach for campaigning. Midland, Ontario – February, 2018 --- Cher Cunningham Coaching is now offering a thirty-day Political Candidate coaching program that blends one-on-one strategy and coaching sessions with a two-day immersive public speaking, writing, and presenting workshop. Cher offers a blend of ―confidence and poise coaching‖ along with the actual crafting of messaging that is authentic to the individual candidate. She then works with candidates to improve clarity, power and structure. This means political hopefuls now have additional support to build a platform from which they can confidently meet the challenges and opportunities of interviews and public appearances. The campaign trail is a fast-paced march that can be confusing and overwhelming. As soon as an individual declares their candidacy, the voters expect them to have an answer and an opinion for every issue. It is critical to take a breath and put in the time developing a comprehensive personal platform—then practice communicating it with clarity and conviction. ―I believe everyone who approaches the challenge of politics deserves all of the support and advantages they can resource,‖ says Master Results Coach,Cher Cunningham. ―Campaign preparation is not about becoming a great public speaker—it is about becoming deliberate and proactive in your communications,‖ she continues. ―Nobody is a natural! And it is not wise to wing it and hope for the best; that just increases your stress and reduces your impact. It is possible to be prepared and understand how to work with journalists to create a win-winwin. You get to share your position, the journalist gets a good story, and together you build public understanding of your platform. Using the mindset and communication tools of the elite, you can very deliberately uncover and then add impact to your authentic message.‖ Cher Cunningham is a Business and Communication Coach who works with individuals who are embracing a new challenge. She is a Board Designated Master NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist, and a Distinguished Toastmaster. Cher has a wealth of experience in speaking, coaching and training through her business and teaching experiences, as well as her work as show host with Rogers TV (including Politically Speaking and facilitating all-candidates meetings). CherCunningham Coaching offers coaching, workshops, keynotes, and boot-camps on the subjects of sales, public speaking, storytelling, anxiety & confidence, and the gift of failure. Candidates can book a consultation by contacting Cher Cunningham at 705-896-1370 or Or visit to learn more about her Platform Coaching and access a free webinar that gets you started immediately. Contact: Cher Cunningham Coaching 705-896-1370 # # #

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