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This England is the quarterly magazine for all who love our green and pleasant land and are unashamedly proud of their English roots. Published since 1968 the magazine has now become one of England’s best loved magazines and has a readership of over 115,000 people from around the world. As well as being popular in England it outsells all other British heritage magazines in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and is sent to readers in every country of the world. Published in Cheltenham, in the heart of picturesque Gloucestershire, the magazine is edited, printed and despatched direct from England. Subscribe today and celebrate all that is best about England and the English way of life.

The man who keeps a

The man who keeps a watchful eye on the heart of the Nation It is exactly 200 years since the first bicycle appeared, after its inventor, Karl Drais of Mannheim in Germany, witnessed a young girl gliding gracefully across the ice on her skates. Pedals, however, were not invented until later. This is a replica of the original. STOP SMART METERS Did you know that the vast majority of people who agreed to a smart meter found their bills increased? Meters also leave customers open to internet hackers and at the mercy of their energy supplier via remote control. In addition there are serious associated health concerns. For further detailed information log in to: TWO SHORT PHRASES Irecently received an email thanking me for acknowledging a book sent in for review but was amazed to be told I was the only editor who could be guaranteed to respond to a message. Have we really reached the stage where it is acceptable to ignore someone doing us a favour? I was brought up to believe that two short phrases are the most important of all — “please” and “thank you”. FAMILY ASSOCIATIONS The developed world is in great danger as the family unit is denigrated by the pseudo liberal elite and the birth rate has dropped so low there will soon be too few people in work to provide for those who are retired, at least in the traditional indigenous population. Since the Abortion Act was passed in 1967 more than nine million babies have been slaughtered in the UK, sacrificed on the altar of sexual freedom and women’s rights which has fed a voracious spirit of death which is increasingly asserting control over the nation. I commend the following pro-family international organisations, all of which campaign responsibly via the internet. They need and deserve our support: (Christians Against Poverty with a strong family base) (UK events) (Voice for Justice) (campaigning petitions along Christian lines) MALE OR FEMALE? How can a Canadian mother (sorry, I mean “parent”), have a child (a girl apparently), who is gender neutral? Whilst accepting genuine transgender problems, this is complete nonsense. To deliberately set out to confuse a child is thoroughly irresponsible and does nothing to enhance the prospects of society in general or the family in particular. Many lively churches, like mine (right), have a large congregation and run several weekday activities from tiny tots right through to meals for the elderly. Sadly, however, many suffer from falling numbers and low morale. We badly need a a spiritual revolution and Christian revival or it will soon be too late to arrest the decline. POINTS TO PONDER What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give out to someone without first taking it away from someone else. You cannot multiply wealth simply by dividing it. When half the people think they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half realise they are working for nothing, then that is the beginning of the end for a nation. FACE THE FACTS By 2020 in Britain there will be more Muslims attending prayers than Christians going to church. Also, more than half of Muslims are under 25 while a quarter of Christians are over 65. Since 2001 more than 500 churches have closed in London alone, replaced by more than 400 mosques. London also has around 100 sharia courts. 38 THIS ENGLAND, Winter, 2017

Dare we hope for a change in the disgraceful amount of fish thrown away because of stupid EU regulations via a good deal over Brexit? OUR FREEDOM IS IN DANGER Did you know that secret family courts exist in the UK where children can be forcibly taken away from their parents with everyone forbidden to reveal or discuss any of the cases on pain of imprisonment, even after the children have reached their majority? Did you know the UK has more home-schooled children than anywhere else in Europe? It is, however, banned in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Spain and all former European communist countries. It is also in increasing danger elsewhere, thus allowing the state to dictate everything which is taught. Did you know a Jewish girls’ school was threatened with closure because it refused to teach the ghastly totalitarian OFSTED line on sex education? Did you know a Southampton school banned voting for UKIP in a mock election because they described it as racist and reported a pupil to the police for researching a UKIP website? Whatever next? ONWARDS AND DOWNWARDS An old friend has just ended his academic university career. During some recent correspondence about the paradox of falling standards measured against the increasing number of people being awarded degrees, he confirmed Sent from “Our Man in Australia” this cartoon was too good to be ignored, for which we would be more than happy to acknowledge any copyright. what I already suspected, namely that many teaching staff are unaware of the higher British academic standards of the past because they never experienced them in the first place! This inevitably leads to students being credited with higher grades than they deserve, often because faculties are judged on results rather than on true worth. This alarming situation is seen as an improvement in standards. Poppycock! Students celebrate their graduation by the Smeaton Tower at Plymouth in Devon. But have we devalued our degree system and do we reward people for genuine hard work? PAUL WOLOSCHUK JOHN LEWIS Just over 90 years ago there was a song entitled “Masculine Women and Feminine Men — Which is the Rooster, Which is the Hen?” Part of the lyrics went “Girls were girls and boys were boys when I was a tot” and went on to mock the idea that men and women are the same when clearly they are not. John Lewis has just turned the clock back, however, by abandoning separate boys’ and girls’ clothing. Unisex may be a clever word but the underlying mantra is deliberately confusing to young minds. There is already far too much political correctness imposed by the thought police so is it not time to once again allow boys and girls to be themselves? DARTFORD CROSSING Once upon a time you could pay a human being or a machine to cross the River Thames via the M25. Not any more because you now need an online account which is impossible for those without a computer. Net result? Two million — that’s five per cent of all UK drivers — are being chased for unpaid fines from 2016. NURSING IN CRISIS Our over-stretched health service needs 40,000 more nurses yet dozens of already qualified nurses from Australia and New Zealand are being passed over or made to take an English language and training course designed for those from Third World countries. University nursing courses have suffered a 25 per cent drop in applications so why are we purposely causing unnecessary problems? THIS ENGLAND, Winter, 2017 39

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