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This England is the quarterly magazine for all who love our green and pleasant land and are unashamedly proud of their English roots. Published since 1968 the magazine has now become one of England’s best loved magazines and has a readership of over 115,000 people from around the world. As well as being popular in England it outsells all other British heritage magazines in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and is sent to readers in every country of the world. Published in Cheltenham, in the heart of picturesque Gloucestershire, the magazine is edited, printed and despatched direct from England. Subscribe today and celebrate all that is best about England and the English way of life.

Unless stated at the end

Unless stated at the end of the review, books featured on these pages are not available direct from This England. For details of books that can be ordered from us, please see page 92. FOR VALOUR The Complete History of the Victoria Cross — Volume 1, The Crimean War by Michael Charles Robson (Unicorn £120 — £850 for the eight-volume set) ISBN 9781-9105-00811 The first of a limited edition series totalling eight volumes makes this the definitive publication of the Victoria Cross. This year is the 160th anniversary of the first investiture by Queen Victoria in Hyde Park and the series differs from others by publishing colour maps and photos relating to the conflicts concerned. It began with the Crimean War but this volume also deals with the manufacture and design of the medal, together with Victoria Cross rules, regulations and other matters. Each volume is numbered and limited to 800 copies. (328pp, hardback) THE ANATOMY OF COLOUR The Story of Heritage Paints and Pigments by Patrick Baty (Thames & Hudson £35) ISBN 9780-5005-19332 Adazzling and comprehensive volume illustrating the use of paints and colours over more than three centuries of interior decoration. Fascinating for those who enjoy colour. (352pp, hardback) THE ART OF CARTOGRAPHICS Designing the Modern Map (Goodman-Carlton £30) ISBN 9780-2330-05188 Even expert cartographers will find something new in this scintillating array of every kind of map imaginable. A work of art, it will give much pleasure to anyone who likes studying plans and charts in detail. (256pp, hardback) A late-Fifties suggestion for the use of colour comparisons and contrasts in the home (see The Anatomy of Colour). THE ENIGMA OF KIDSON The Portrait of an Eton Schoolmaster by Jamie Blackett (Quiller £25) ISBN 9781-8468-92509 They don’t make teachers like they used to, mainly because of petty restrictions on curriculum and pastoral care. This is what it used to be like and a jolly good read too. (336pp, hardback) THE LIVING JIGSAW The secret life in your garden by Val Bourne (Amberley £14.99) ISBN 9781-8424-66261 Splendid photography makes this a delightful book for all gardeners interested in the natural flora and fauna of their local patch and who want to know how to enhance and improve it. (252pp, hardback) A painting by Caton Woodville entitled “Charge of the Light Brigade” depicting an unfortunate misunderstanding which took place in October 1854 at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War (see For Valour). 72 THIS ENGLAND, Winter 2017 THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO by Peter and Dan Snow (Andre Deutsch £18.99) ISBN 9780-2330-05133 Wonderfully illustrated with many contemporary paintings in full colour, this is a superb account of a battle which changed history. Maps and pen portraits of the key officers add to its wider attraction. (160pp, hardback) One of many fine colour pictures in The Living Jigsaw.

St. Nonna’s church at Altarnun near Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, where the local vicar figured prominently in Daphne du Maurier’s novel Jamaica Inn (see English Parish Churches and Chapels). ENGLISH PARISH CHURCHES AND CHAPELS Architecture, Art and People by Matthew Byrne (Bloomsbury £20) ISBN 9781-7844-22394 Sponsored by the National Churches Trust this is a splendidly illustrated volume detailing 26 buildings from Saxon to modern times, covering both rural and urban parts of the country. Highly recommended. (192pp, hardback) English Parish Churches and Chapels is available by post from This England. For further details see page 92. ANCIENT OAKS in the English Landscape by Aljos Farjon (Kew Gardens £30) ISBN 9781-8424-66407 Believe it or not, England has more ancient native oak trees than the rest of Europe combined, and this is the colourful history of their majestic arboreal culture. (192pp, hardback) MOVING HEAVEN AND EARTH Capability Brown’s Gift of Landscape by Steffie Shields (Unicorn £30) ISBN 9781-9107-87151 Aremarkable man who created many fine landscapes, none of which, ironically, had matured by the time he died in 1783. With supporting images, the author explains all you need to know about how his extensive gardens and estates were designed. (288pp, hardback) A natural pollard oak in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire (see Ancient Oaks). THE YORKSHIRE COUNTRY HOUSE A tour through the county’s grandest homes by Peter Tuffrey (Great Northern £19.99) ISBN 9781-9121-01672 An excellent well-illustrated account of 32 stately homes with pictures of a further 12 since demolished. Memorable images of past and present. (196pp, hardback) Newby Hall and Garden (see The Yorkshire Country House). Grotto Island and the Octagon Temple at Wotton in Buckinghamshire (see Moving Heaven and Earth, Capability Brown’s Gift of Landscape). A WEEK ON THE BROADS Four Victorian gents at sail on a Norfolk gaffer in 1889 by S.K. Baker (Bloomsbury £10) ISBN 9781-4729-45316 Published in the same year as Three Men in a Boat this is a remarkably similar but true account of four men in a boat, one of whom kept an illustrated diary reproduced here as an excellent facsimile. A most amusing read, it is also a fascinating insight into the social habits of the time. (94pp, hardback) Male bathing costumes had yet to be invented when this 1889 cartoon was drawn (see A Week on the Broads). FAVOURITE POEMS OF ENGLAND edited by Jane McMorland Hunter (Batsford £12.99) ISBN 9781-8499-44595 This is a terrific collection. The choice of poems is perfect and covers every aspect of English life, from country cottages and rural traditions to the many different cultures of urban life. All our top poets are represented and the illustrations are brilliant. (176pp, paperback) Favourite Poems of England is available by post from This England. For further details see page 92. THE GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY by Michael Vanns (Pen & Sword £19.99) ISBN 9781-4738-92125 An excellent railway heritage guide with terrific photos and informative text, a treat for all historians who enjoy looking at the past but also recreating it in the present. (110pp, hardback) THE REAL PERSUASION Portrait of a real-life Jane Austen heroine by Peter James Bowman (Amberley £20) ISBN 9781-4456-59503 Katherine Bisshopp of Sussex was the real-life equivalent of Anne Elliot in Persuasion and this is a wellresearched comparison of fact and fiction. (308pp, hardback) Tom Tower at Christ Church, Oxford, was built by Christopher Wren in 1682 and is one of many splendid images to be found in Favourite Poems of England. THIS ENGLAND, Winter, 2017 73

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