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In the chart below we

In the chart below we can observe the average number of likes and comments by post category for women’s magazines. As we can see, the category which received the biggest amount of likes is related to politics. AVERAGE NO. OF LIKES & COMMENTS by POST CATEGORY (WOMEN'S MAGAZINES) 25000 250 20000 200 15000 150 10000 100 5000 50 0 Beauty Celebs Events Fashion Food Quotes Sports Travel 0 Likess (av) Comments (av) The most liked and commented photo in this category was posted by Vogue and it hit 126,200 likes at the time of gathering data and 143,800 likes at the moment of writing this e-book. 30

The most appreciated category for the men’s magazines was, surprisingly, Fashion. 14000 AVERAGE NO. OF LIKES & COMMENTS by POST CATEGORY 120 12000 100 10000 8000 6000 4000 80 60 40 2000 20 0 Celebs Events Fashion Food Other Quotes Sports Travel 0 Likes (av) Comments (av) The most liked and commented post in the men’s section was picturing Conor McGregor, reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, presenting a posh look while sitting on a car. The photo has now 56,600 likes and 390 comments. 31

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