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06 Date and time The average number of posts that were posted in a day is 4,1 for women’s magazines and 5,4 for men’s magazines. In our study, we had 10 publishers that addressed to the female public, while only 5 that had a male audience. For instance, Sports Illustrated was the most active account that we followed, thus it heavily influenced the result. AVERAGE NO. OF POSTS / DAY 6.0 5.4 5.0 4.0 4.1 3.0 2.0 1.0 - Women Men The day of the week in which these publications posted the most, is Monday. There was a total of 1,156 posts on this day of the week, and most of them were posted by female audience publishers. The main reason for this situation could be the fact that during weekends, people spend less time on their phones, thus leading to a decrease in the number of posts. 32

Average no. of posts / day of the week 70.0 60.0 50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0 - Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Average posts Women Average posts Men Sunday 726 Wednesday 929 Monday 1156 Thursday Tuesday 930 Friday 920 845 Saturday 650 We’re not even surprised by the fact that the average number of likes and comments per day for the female audience, is higher than the one for the male audience. Are you? “ Young women dominate Instagram and visual platforms in general. Instagram gives you the power to modify your appearance in a way that’s practically on par with makeup and other beauty products, said Rachel Simmons, a gender researcher who has written extensively on teen girls, referring to the flattering tools that make photos look flawless. 33

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