5 months ago

Housewater Presenter

Housewater install equipment throughout the UK encompassing all aspects of the industry. The extensive range provides an unlimited supply of great tasting, chilled pure water on demand, either still or sparkling to suit a wide variety of locations. The versatile options, range from a concealed or remotely located unit with either a front or back of house fonts to free standing or counter top units, which can incorporate electronic portion control, suitable for service area’s or front of house. It can be easily installed and virtually eliminates “water miles” The innovative approach to design and branding shown by Housewater provides an exceptionally stylish yet, eco- friendly option, which complements a wide spectrum of design styles and concepts.

Product range Our product range consists of Free Standing Units, Worktop/Counter top units and Built In Under Counter/Cellar Units. We also stock a range of accessories to complement our Housewater units. HWUC 60/80 Under counter unit HWOC 45 Free standing unit HWUC 150 Under counter unit HWFSSSPC 80/150 Free standing unit

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