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Housewater Presenter


The Housewater answer • Housewater provides a Food and Hospitality industry specific, ecological solution to branded bottled waters that may have travelled hundreds, if not 1000’s of miles to the table. • Housewater eliminates the costs of handling, storing, chilling and disposal associated with branded bottled waters. • Housewater has a comprehensive range of equipment and can provide, location specific layouts with customised dispense. • Housewater can either produce direct income on a charge per bottle basis or by a water charge per cover. • Housewater provides stylish, yet robust, Housewater glass bottles that can be branded with individual locations. An invaluable marketing feature. • Housewater can print bottles for specific occasions such as weddings or charity events. • Housewater is a privately owned company as such we have a far greater capacity for contractual flexibility.

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