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® 28 | February 15,

® 28 | February 15, 2018 | The orland park prairie Life & Arts MPAA rating: PG | genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy | run time: 89 minutes ‘Early Man’ another enjoyable romp from Aardman, Nick Park Bill Jones, Editor It is somewhat astounding to be sitting in a movie theater in 2018, watching the screen slightly jitter to the stop-motion animation of Aardman Animations’ work. In the age of digital recording and digital effects and digital projection, to be able to see — in a large format — the (sometimes literal) personal touches on the screen is a delight. There is a special magic to it that does not still exist in many films. Director Nick Park (“Wallace and Gromit,” “Chicken Run”) and his talented team are responsible for the magic found in “Early Man,” an adventure comedy suitable for the whole family. The story tells the tale of prehistoric folks trying to find their roots as soccer people to take on a lord bringing about the Bronze Age at their expense. Sound silly? It is, but sometimes not quite silly enough. Despite the absurd premise (and a terrifying giant duck with teeth, hell-bent on eating our heroes), “Early Man” focuses hard on its plot and resolution. So much so that for all of the goofiness that has become a hallmark of Aardman, “Early Man” does not seem like it truly mines its premise for all it is worth. The cast is strong, with Eddie Redmayne taking on the lead role of Dug, while Tom Hiddleston voices the villain Lord Nooth (and Park himself plays Hognob). But it is understated performing on display from the troupe. They embody their characters well, but do not necessarily put their own stamps on the film. The humor is often slapstick. Characters run into things, have other things dropped upon them, otherwise suffer bodily harm in the name of making children laugh. And Aadrman does that brand of humor particularly well. But it is not until the final sequences that “Early Man” truly hits its stride, playing into the soccer puns, finding some dark humor and all-around embracing its goofy potential. That said, it is also perfectly enjoyable. It may not be the best of the Aardman creations, but it holds its own just fine. That personal touch helps to elevate it. There is a cuteness, a humanity and much more to be found in every frame. More than anything, “Early Man” is simply a delight to witness unfold. And there’s nothing wrong with a fun movie that looks this great. Have you seen a movie recently and want to let everyone know about it? The Orland Park Prairie is looking for residents to review the latest new releases for its Unscripted feature. The best reviews will be published in The Prairie and online at Keep reviews around 400 words or fewer and try not to give away the key moments of the movie. Submit your review to Please include your name and phone number in the email. Chapter Chatter ‘Creative Struggle’ offers some cool, animated accounts of masters who struggled Bill Jones, Editor Australian cartoonist Gavin Aung Than is really onto something with “Creative Struggle: Illustrated Advice from Masters of Creativity.” A spin-off from his web-based Zen Pencils, which features “cartoon quotes from inspirational folks,” the book aims to enable creative types by reassuring them that some of the biggest names in the world (from Albert Einstein to Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie to Vincent van Gogh) had problems, too. The cartoons also serve as a great way to, well, illustrate those struggles. Gavin uses quotes from the historical figures to let them tell their own stories, while the visuals help to fill in some of the blanks of a “story.” The style of the cartoons also helps make these somewhat untouchable names personable. “Creative Struggle” is motivational without coming across as preachy. The success of these folks gives them credibility, but the faults are what make them relatable. We see misunderstood genius, the depression behind an artist, a struggle with physical malady and much more. What makes it extra special is the variety Gavin brings to the table. People are sure to pick up the book based on a few big names they know and love, but will undoubtedly learn a bit about others they don’t know, as well. The mix of disciplines (art, music, writing, science) in the genius of the subjects almost assures that. Gavin also is so bold as to include some personal stories. At face value (and as he calls himself on), there is a bit of audacity in placing his work among the greats. But that also is kind of the point. “Creative Struggle” is about helping people through their own struggles by helping them understand how with perseverance there might be a light at the end of the tunnel — and reassuring folks that everyone, in some way, struggles. It is a great message and a whole bunch of good stories packed into a small book. It is well worth the read. Read a book and want to let everyone in town know what you think about it? The Orland Park Prairie is looking for residents to review books for its Chapter Chatter feature. The best reviews will be published in The Prairie and online at Keep reviews to 400 or fewer words and try not to spoil any key moments in the book. Submit your review to bill@op Please include your name and phone number in the email. Advertise in our Legal Services Directory For More Information or to place a listing Call 708-326-9170 ,LLC Puzzles the orland park prairie | February 15, 2018 | 29 crosstown CROSSWORD & Sudoku The crosstowns: Frankfort, Homer Glen, Lockport, Mokena, New Lenox, Orland Park, Tinley Park Crossword by Myles Mellor and Cindy LaFleur Across 1. Sandwich filler 5. Alternative to steps 9. Ides rebuke 13. Prefix with pad 14. The Sorbonne, e.g. 16. Mardi Gras, e.g. 17. Pro __ (proportionately) 18. Actress Streep 19. Some addresses 20. Much may follow it 21. He wrote “The Shogun” 22. ‘Survivor’ team 24. Heart problem 26. W.C. 27. Last-qtr. month 29. Hoops stats 30. Frankfort trampoline park 33. ___ de vivre 34. Leisurely walks 35. Pieces of expensive jewelry 36. [It’s gone!] 38. 1980s band, with Adam 39. “Darn it all!” 40. Sea flier 41. 49er foe 43. Attack word 44. Peak 46. “__ dreaming?” 49. Wind dir. 50. Brown, for one 51. Event to show off pet IDs in New Lenox 53. Body trunks 55. Math class: abbr. 57. Neutral color 58. Cheer starter 59. Weariness 61. “___ chance” 62. “Mockingbird” singer Foxx 63. Bulrush, e.g. 64. “The devil __ the details” 65. Nothing more 66. Poet John, of “Grongar Hill” 67. Volcano in Sicily Down 1. Bubba Gump’s forte 2. Jimmy Carter product 3. Nuptial sites 4. Unhealthy atmosphere 5. Notes 6. Succeeded with something 7. Extra 8. Layer 9. Case for needles and small scissors 10. Airplane propulsion 11. Systems for long distance communications 12. Ship title 15. British megastar pop-rock singer 23. ___ v. Wade 25. Air force, abbr. 26. Flipped out 28. Third word in “America” 31. Annually 32. Divided into regions 34. Horror writer, Edgar Allan 35. Long-snouted fish 36. Untouched 37. Quick look 39. Defaulter’s comeuppance 40. Tee preceder 42. Riskier 44. Pronoun 45. Prestigious institutions 46. Not marked up 47. Small swallow 48. Lizard 52. Bottle inhabitant 54. Tear down 55. Gibb or Gump 56. Olympic sled 58. Dash 60. Legendary Aussie outlaw Kelly How to play Sudoku Each sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3x3 squares. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. 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