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t to fter .. Jodi's

t to fter .. Jodi's BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS The following birth announcements were submitted by Central Vermont Medical Center on Feb. 7, 2018 Any questions or concerns should be addressed directly to CVMC. Central Vermont Medical Center Happy Birthday! FROM (802)793-7417 Barre Text or Call RECLINING SOFAS starting A son, William Joseph Chouinard, was born Jan. 18 to Lauren and Trym Chouinard of Barre. A son, Bennett Lucien Brynga, was born Jan. 23 to Kristin (Severance) and Chris Brynga of Waterbury. A son, Hadley Dean Lloyd Rouleau, was born Jan. 23 to Amantha and Jared Rouleau of Warren. A son, Chase Todd Rollins, was born Jan. 28 to Meaghean Emerson and Joshua Rollins of Williamstown. A son, Ashton Michael Henault, was born Jan. 30 to Brooke Plantier and David Henault of Washington. A daughter, Lilliana Mae Morse, was born Jan. 30 to Ashely Lynch and Jeffrey Morse of Barre. A son, Cooper Lee Nunn, was born Feb. 1 to Miranda (Bowen) and Jericho Nunn of Corinth. cvmc 2 x 4.4 RECLINERS 100's of Styles to choose from– over 30 on display! at $299 start at $ 699 Family Owned & Operated 97 US Rt. 302 Barre-Montpelier Rd • 802-479-0671 BARRE-MONTPELIER RD. Price Chopper (Berlin, VT) and The WORLD would like to help you wish someone special a Happy Birthday. Just send their name, address & birthdate. We’ll publish the names in this space each week. Plus, we’ll draw one (1) winner each week for a FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE from Price Chopper (Berlin, VT). No obligation, nothing to buy. Just send birthday names two (2) weeks prior to birthdate, to: The WORLD, c/o BIRTHDAY CAKE, 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641. Please provide your name, address & phone number for prize notification. FEBRUARY 11 FEBRUARY 18 Magenta Isabelle, 18, Barre Linda Squier, 54, Barre FEBRUARY 14 Laura Rappold, Montpelier Leonard Surprise, 83, Northfield Falls Desiree Kaiser, 32, Washington FEBRUARY 19 FEBRUARY 15 Julie Barre, Graniteville Debbie P. Codling, 49, Plainfield FEBRUARY 16 FEBRUARY 20 Aaron Retherford FEBRUARY 17 Sue Kelley, 30+, Barre Julia Chase, 15, Berlin Judy P. Stratton, 63, Fairfax CAKE WINNER: Please call Price Chopper (Berlin, VT) at 479-9078 and ask for the Bakery Department by Thursday, February 15th to arrange for cake pick-up. This Week’s Cake Winner: On FEBRUARY 19, FREDERICK FLEURY SR. of WATERBURY is 80 YEARS OLD! PRICE CHOPPER “BIRTHDAY DRAWING” Mail this coupon to: The WORLD c/o Birthday Cake 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin Barre, VT 05641 Open to people of all ages. Just send in the entry blank below, and we will publish it in this space each week. Plus, we will draw one (1) name each week for a FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE from the Price Chopper Super Center (Berlin, VT). No obligation, nothing to buy. Entries must be mailed two (2) weeks prior to birthdate. Telephone calls to The WORLD will not be accepted. BIRTHDATE______________________________ NAME___________________________________ AGE (this birthday)_________________________ ADDRESS________________________________ ________________________________________ PHONE__________________________________ Whoever said being a parent is easy? For help call Circle of Parents TM 1-800-CHILDREN 1-800-244-5373 Tiffany Gagnon American Board Certified Haircolorist 27 State St., Montpelier, VT 802-229-9500 Surprise 98 TH Birthday Card Shower for Lindy Letourneau Send Wishes To: P.O. Box 68 East Barre, VT 05649 Happy Anniversary Forget Me Not Flowers & Gifts and The WORLD would like to help you wish a special couple a Happy Anniversary. Just send their name, address & wedding anniversary date. Each week we publish the names, plus we’ll have a monthly winner for a 1/2 dozen wrapped red roses at Forget Me Not Flowers & Gifts, 171 N. Main Street, Barre. No obligation, nothing to buy. Just send anniversary names two (2) weeks prior to anniversary date, to: The WORLD, c/o HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641. Please provide Don’t name, forget... address & phone number 9-8 Arlo for Benjamin prize notification. Lefcourt, 8 2-23 Pauline Nelson, Waterbury 2-25 Meah & Mya Couture, 9, Barre 9-15 Forget Me Not 9-26 Deborah Phillips 9-28 Aeletha Jessica Kelly, Barre Flowers Hardwick McLeon, 29, & Gifts 171 N. Main 10-5 Lisa St., Companion, Barre • 476-6700 3-5 Rebecca Pressman Waterbury 3-19 Ruth Weeks, Barre Mon.-Fri. 10-18 Kay Santamore, 9-6 | Sat. 9-1 3-22 Nicholas Salvas, 25 We belong to Plainfield the Flower Shop Network! 4-19 Elliott Ackerman, 30, 11-15 Jessup Max Lefcourt, 5, Barre Rindge, NH 4-20 Please Jessie Phillips, Send Us 26, Your E. February 11-15 & Bob March Spaulding, Anniversaries Minot, And Mplr. ME 4-30 Be Lillian Automatically Kasulka, 8, E. Registered 11-19 To Henry Win A Kasulka, 1/2 Dozen 14, E. Wrapped, Red Montpelier Roses From Forget Me Mplr Not Flowers & Gifts 4-30 Darlene Callahan, 56, Barre 11-23 Jason Lowe, 29, Wby FEBRUARY 11-28 Neil, 829, Waterbury 5-6 Gary RITCHIE Villa, Washington & TAMMY SMITH, BARRE, 11 YEARS 5-6 Jim Elliott, 51, Barre 12-3 Peter Lefcourt, 45, Barre 5-14 Snook Downing, ChelseaFEBRUARY 12-3 DOT! 65, 9 Calais 5-22 SEAD Ruth Madigan & AMIRA P., 74, DRLJACIC, 12-25 MONTPELIER, Jenna Companion, 28 20, YEARS Bethel Waterbury Ctr. 5-27 Candy McLeon, 71, FEBRUARY 12-31 Chelsea 14 Phillips, 30, BRUCE Hardwick & NORA ANDERSON, Manassas, BROOKFIELD, VA 32 YEARS 6-3 Joey, JAMES Wby Ctr, & 40ANGLEA GONYAW, 1-4 Betsy Cody, BARRE, 62, Barre 8 YEARS 6-5 Rob Salvas, 56, Barre 1-15 Peggy Zurla, 55, Podunk, 6-6 LUCAS Heather & Holmes, TERRI 50, PERSONS, WEST PA DANVILLE, 35 YEARS Woodbury HERB & SUSAN WOODARD, 1-15 Shawn BARRE, Kasulka, 48 E.Mplr YEARS 1-19 Kevn Sare, 37, Cabot 7-11 Joslyn Richardson, 30, FEBRUARY (no “i”) 18 Waterbury, KIM & VT SHIRLEE INGLIS, 1-27 Caitlyn CALAIS, Couture, 4027, YEARS 7-7 Marti Elliott, Barre Barre 7-9 Pierce Salvas, 33, Barre FEBRUARY 1-31 Joyce 20 LaMountain (The HARLAND 7-11 Marcus Hass, & ANGELA 29, MANNING, Plant EAST Lady), BARRE, 86, 30 YEARS Bennington 7-12 Emily Rappold, Plainfield 7-18 Mike Jacques, So. Barre 7-22 Jennifer "Jen" Roberts Geller, 40, Baltimore, SAVE $$$$! Curt's Drop-Off SATURDAYS JONES BROS. WAY near VT Granite Museum & Faith Community Church in Barre $ 3.25 $ 3.50 Adamant 1-31 Linda Couture, Barre 1-31 Wayne Michaud, 71, FORGET ME NOT FLOWERS & GIFTS Citrus Heights, CA “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” per 30 gal. and/or 25 lb. rubbish bag for 2 or more at a time per 30 gal. and/or 25 lb. rubbish bag Free Recycling ~ Limits Apply See You 7:30AM to 1PM! Mail MD this coupon to: The WORLD 2-1 Nancy Prescott, Barre c/o Happy 2-6 Anniversary Bob Edwards, 76 8-2 David Santamore, 66, 2-8 Warren Lanigan Plainfield 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, 2-12 Joe Barre, Richardson, VT 05641 Just 8-8 Gary send in the entry blank below, and we will Waterbury publish it in this space each week. Plus, 8-8 Shirley we will Combs, draw one Randolph (1) couple each 2-13 month Sandy for Salvas, a 1/2 dozen Barrewrapped red roses from 8-9 Bob Forget Evans, Me Not 64, Flowers Woodstock & Gifts, 171 2-14 N. Laura Main Rappold, St., Barre. E. No obligation, nothing to 8-16 buy. Charlotte Entries must Edwards, be mailed Barre two (2) weeks Montpelier prior to anniversary date. Telephone calls to The TownWORLD will not be accepted. 2-16 Aaron Retherford 8-20 Rachel Salvas, Barre ANNIVERSARY 8-21 Chriiis DATE_______________________# 8-24 Terry Spaulding, YEARS______ Lewiston, ME 8-29 Connie Spaulding, Minot, NAMES___________________________________ ME ADDRESS_________________________________ _________________________________________ PHONE___________________________________ Green Mountain Youth Symphony Creative Arts & Music Program 2018 Registration is Open Now Green Mountain Youth Symphony’s Creative Arts & Music Program (GMYS CAMP) will be held Sunday, August 5th through Saturday, August 11th at Northern Waterbury-Stowe Rd. Waterbury, Vermont VT 244-1116 University-Johnson in Johnson, 46 N. Main Street, Barre Vermont. 802-479-0671 GMYS CAMP is open to all intermediate-advanced students of all orchestral instruments, regardless of whether they can play with us during the regular concert season. Registration is open now, with an earlybird discount available until March 10. Auditions will be held later in the spring. During CAMP, every musician will get to work with a variety of professionals on chamber music, eurhythmics, and orchestra music. Each student also has a private lesson during the week. There is time each day for individual practice and a variety of recreational activities - organized and spontaneous. We will also offer several electives during the week – some musical, some cover other topics. GMYS Artistic Director, Bob Blais, says, • • • “We have been holding this summer program at the college since 2006, and it has become an integral part of our program for our intermediate - advanced musicians. GMYS CAMP is very popular with our students. Many of them tell us it’s the highlight of their musical year!” Find more information and download the application form on our website An early bird $215 discount is available for registrations postmarked by March 10th. Need based tuition assistance is available. If you have questions or to schedule an audition, please feel free to email the Orchestra Manager, GMYS CAMP 2018 is supported by a generous grant from the Vermont Arts Council and is proud to be part of Vermont Arts 2018. For more information about GMYS, please visit our website Norwich University Dean’s List Fall 2017 BARRE Alayna Colleen Badeau Alexander George Taylor Benjamin Brown Carli Jordan Harris Colby Daniel Brochu Dakota Teyanna Vance Holly Elizabeth Brown Katie Ann Sterling Meaghan Marie McGrath Megan Trombley Melissa Elyse Poirier Michelle Louise Lunde Paige Elizabeth McNally Richard Vaughn Gariboldi Rickie Saini Tiffany Amber Joslin CHELSEA Heather June Peterson E. BARRE Hailee Lorraine Holt Justin Michael Laperle E. MONTPELIER Kaylee Morgan Swasey Veronica Ann Cook ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Stop being the wool-gathering Lamb, and start turning that dream project into reality. You have the ideas, the drive and the charisma to persuade others to follow your lead. So do it. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) You’ve scored some big LAST WEEK OF THE MONTH: MARSHIELD/ PLAINFIELD Faith Christine Lloyd Aleya Shay Bernatchy S. BARRE Amanda Evelyn Alger WILLAIMSTOWN Courtney Elizabeth Scholtz Dylan Jerid Hartman Elizabeth Rose Laughlin Kaitlyn Marie Florucci Kimberlynn Ann Gilbert Madison Paige Blauth Nicole Emily Ashe Taylor Lynn Beaudet successes. But remember that all hardworking Ferdinands and Ferdinandas need some time to restore their energies and refresh their spirits. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You’re gaining a stronger mental image of what you’re trying to achieve. Now look for the facts that will help get this to develop from a concept into a solid proposal. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Some of you eager-toplease Moon Children might want to delay some decisions until midweek, when you can again think more with your head than your heart. LEO (July LUCKY 23 to August WINNING 22) A new COUPLE business venture seems to offer everything you’ve been looking for. But be careful that that rosy picture FOR doesn’t THIS MONTH: betray traces of red ink under the On surface. JANUARY 6, JOHN & GRACE MEKKELSEN of VIRGO E. MONTPELIER (August 23 celebrate to September their 67th 22) A ANNIVERSARY! volatile situation needs the kind of thoughtful and considerate care you can provide right now. There’ll be plenty of time later to analyze what might have gone wrong. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Your loyalty to a friend in a tough situation earns you respect from people you care about. Those who criticize you don’t understand what friendship is all about. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your strong work ethic is rewarded with the kind of challenging opportunity you love to tackle. Now, go ahead and celebrate with family and/or close friends. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A legal matter you thought had been finally resolved could require a second look. But don’t make any moves without consulting your lawyer. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Taking charge is what you like to do, and since you do it so well, expect to be asked to lead a special group. This could open an exciting new vista for you. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) An important matter might wind up being entrusted to you for handling. The responsibility is heavy, but you’ll have support from people able and eager to help. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A spouse or partner might make an important, even life-changing, suggestion. Consider it carefully. It could hold some of the answers you’ve both been looking for. BORN THIS WEEK: You always try to do the right thing, and for the right reasons. No wonder people have come to depend on you. (c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc. page 12 The WORLD February 14, 2018 2 x 8”

Health Care Advocate Releases Affordability Report The Office of the Health Care Advocate (HCA) has released a report demonstrating the affordability crisis that Vermonters face when purchasing health insurance and health care. In the paper, “The Cost of Health Insurance: Quantifying the Vermont Affordability Crisis,” the HCA assesses the affordability of health insurance on Vermont Health Connect and shows that many Vermonters cannot afford health insurance. The HCA’s paper demonstrates that unaffordability is both quantifiable and measurable, and that health insurance plans offered on Vermont Health Connect are unaffordable to a wide range of Vermonters. Together, the HCA’s three methodologies reveal the severity of the health care affordability crisis in Vermont. Chief Health Care Advocate Mike Fisher said “as health care costs rise, many Vermonters must make the heart-breaking choice between paying for health care and paying for basic needs like food and housing. This is particularly relevant given the Governor’s budget proposal to increase out of pocket costs for low income families by cutting the Vermont Cost Sharing Reduction.” The HCA has helped Vermonters with health care issues, including affordability, since 1998. Every day, Vermonters tell the HCA stories of struggling to pay health insurance and health care costs. An advocate with the HCA described, “I recently spoke with a woman who had an unexpected health emergency. After she and her husband paid her ER bills and paid for his regular medication, the family couldn’t afford their premiums anymore. They lost their health insurance.” This is not an uncommon scenario for Vermonters, many of whom cannot afford their premiums, out of pocket health care costs, or both. In its paper, the HCA presents three different ways of examining and quantifying health insurance affordability in Vermont’s individual market. First, the HCA compares the cost of health insurance to Vermont wage and economic growth and demonstrates that health insurance costs have outpaced these macroeconomic indicators. Second, the HCA uses a rule-based model that includes premium affordability standards codified in the Affordable Care Act and the deductible affordability standard used in the Vermont Household Health Insurance Survey. This model demonstrates that large segments of Vermont’s population have health care premiums and deductibles that they cannot afford. Third, the HCA uses a market-based model that evaluates whether Vermont families can afford health insurance and health care and still be able to purchase basic necessities such as food, clothing, transportation, and housing. This model demonstrates that many Vermonters with a wide range of incomes are unable to pay for the basic necessities of life, including health insurance, without spending more than they earn. Many Vermonters have to make painful decisions about which necessities to forego. “A Vermont family of four making $35,000 could find themselves more than $25,000 short after paying for their basic needs for the year,” Fisher stated. “Even Vermont families with moderate incomes may find themselves without enough money to cover their basic needs.” The HCA’s paper shows that this is because of the high cost of health insurance and other necessities, and the sharp drop-offs in federal and state assistance that occur at certain in e levels. The Office of the Health Care Advocate (HCA) helps Vermont consumers with a broad range of problems and questions related to health care services and health insurance. The HCA acts as a voice and advocate for consumers in health care policy matters before the Vermont legislature and government agencies that oversee insurance and health care programs. The Office of the Health Care Advocate is a project of Vermont Legal Aid. Vermont Legal Aid (VLA) is a nonprofit law firm that provides legal advice and services to individuals and families throughout Vermont who are facing a civil legal problem that threatens their rights, shelter, job, health or well-being. VLA began serving clients in 1968. • • • Vermont Professional tax & financial serVices LLC • Personal & Business Tax PreParaTion • small Business ConsulTing gerard m. galvin, Jd CPa 802-839-6929 Certified Public Accountants Comprehensive Tax Preparation *Individual & Business Tax Returns *Authorized by IRS E-File for all Clients *On-going tax planning based on current tax laws *Accepting new clients *Free initial consultation for new clients 1 Conti Circle, Barre, Vermont 05641 (802) 476-9490 / Fax (802) 476-7018 Gifford Offers Free Prostate Screenings Urologist Dr. Richard Graham is offering prostate screenings at Gifford Medical Center on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 4:45 to 7 p.m. Each free screening includes PSA testing, a prostate exam, and a follow up plan if needed. “Twenty seven thousand men die of prostate cancer each year in the US,” Said Dr. Graham. “A PSA test, while not a test for cancer, helps us know if we should be looking for something that needs monitoring or treatment.” The free prostate screenings are open to everyone (not just Gifford patients) but limited spaces are available; please call 802-728-2430 to register. Getting A Tax Refund And Not Sure How To Spend It? How About A New Recliner? REFUND $300+ Rocker Recliner $299 REFUND $800+ Top Grain Leather Power Recliner with USB port $799 REFUND $1000+ Lift Chair with Heat & Massage $999 FREE LOCAL DELIVERY See store for details REFUND $600+ Glider & Matching Ottoman $599 REFUND $1600+ Reclining Sofa & Matching Recliner $1599 Family Owned & Operated for over 35 Years Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm • Sat. 10am - 4pm 97 US Rt. 302 Barre-Montpelier Rd • 802-479-0671 February 14, 2018 The WORLD page 13

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