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Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes

Every issue features live-in road tests of all the latest models and reviews of parks throughout Scotland and the North of England by respected industry insiders – plus the latest news and what’s on guides. Whether deciding on which caravan or motorhome to buy, looking for the ideal park to visit or browsing for new gear to enhance the touring experience, Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes is the perfect companion for travels throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Brieftest Hymer ML-T 570

Brieftest Hymer ML-T 570 60th Edn The Erwin Hymer Group acquired UK van maker Elddis this year. Candy Evans tests one of its diamond-anniversary own-brand coachbuilts Hymer is a name that’s stood the test of time in motorhomes, and during 2017 it’s released a series of 60th anniversary specials to celebrate. This ML-T 570 has a host of extra features, from the metallic graphite-grey cab to interior furnishings with a gold fleck. The base vehicle is a Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI with a maximum authorised mass of 3,500kg, although you can opt for 4,200kg if your driving licence can take it. And the automatic gearbox has no fewer than seven gears. The cab seats swivel to create a comfortable front lounge area Exterior There’s no denying the 60th Edition ★★★★ exterior of this motorhome is striking. The cab is in metallic graphite grey, while the body is crystal silver metallic. You’ll definitely spot it on the campsite. It also boasts 16-inch alloy wheels and is topped off with a dark roof. Price £80,960 Length 6.74m Width 2.22m MIRO 3,140kg MTPLM 3,500kg Berths 3 We like Pretty much everything! We dislike Basic kitchen; to be picky, the dark furnishings wouldn’t be my personal choice Right: the 570’s interior is beautifully built, reflecting 60 years of listening to customers and designing accordingly. The kitchen has limited facilities, but an extending worktop manages to give you a little bit of space for food preparation A 32-inch television comes as standard, along with an Oyster satellite receiver system to ensure you can watch broadcast channels pretty much wherever you choose to pitch. Kitchen The kitchen is the one and only area of ★★★ this special-edition motorhome that feels a little basic. There’s a hob and a stainless steel sink, but no work surface to speak of, except for a small pull-out section; you’ll need to cover the hob or use the table for any food preparation. The UK specification can include a grill and oven, but this reduces the storage space. pictures Candy Evans Lounge The front living area is in a compact ★★★★★ classic dinette formation, with the cab seats swivelling to allow all occupants to sit together around the table. It seems more comfortable than in many similar layouts, as the rear seats are L-shaped, allowing a little extra space for lounging during the day. The colour scheme uses a Milano fabric unique to these anniversary specials. It’s fairly dark, but the gold highlights woven into the material and the four goldcoloured cushions lift things remarkably well. Even from a distance there’s no mistaking that this is a special edition, with its classy dark colours 16 Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes wintEr 2017

Worktop flap folds away Dividedmattresseslifteasilyforstorageaccess Nevertheless, you get a tall fridge-freezer with a smart glossy finish, and we’re told the table and counter surfaces have ‘anti-fingerprint coating’, which sounds promising for preserving their appearance in the long term. Beds and seating The rear sleeping area has ★★★★★ two single fixed beds with great mattresses, and the option to fill in the area between to form an enormous double. This is a very stylish area, with a mirror between the beds and gleaming cabinet fronts. The third berth is formed from the L-shaped passenger seating area. Storage The rear garage is the largest storage ★★★★★ space in the ML-T 570, and it’s easily accessible through good-sized exterior doors. The most room inside is under the foot of the fixed beds, but there are plenty of eye-level cupboards throughout – five in the rear bedroom area alone. The cab is also well served with cubby-holes. . Washroom Hymer has made the washroom in ★★★★★ this layout rectangular, and it somehow feels more domestic as a result. There’s a Thetford bench-style toilet and a selection of cupboards and shelves. The smart vanity unit with basin has a tile-effect splashback. This seems a perfectly adequate setup. However, there’s more. What seems to be the rear wall is, in fact, an opening door. Once opened, it screens the toilet and a full-size shower cubicle appears. Pull out the tap, which also serves the basin, and the shower is ready to use. It’s a superbly practical bathroom to find in such a limited space. The washroom is an ablutional Tardis, squeezing in all you need Overall impression ★★★★★ This is a very impressive motorhome indeed, with all mod cons, yet it still measures less than seven metres. With the Mercedes base and high-quality construction in the habitation area it’s built to last, though the price tag certainly reflects this. And that washroom almost has to be seen to be believed… As sharp-eyed readers may have guessed, we saw the ML-T 570 in Hymer’s native Germany, so it was a left-handdrive model; UK versions will have the steering wheel on the right side. More information According to Hymer’s German PR department, motorhomes similar in design to this are available in Scotland and the north of England from Knowepark (www.kpcm., Tyne Valley (www. tynevalleymotorhomes. com) and Kimberley (www. winter 2017 Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes 17

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