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Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes

Every issue features live-in road tests of all the latest models and reviews of parks throughout Scotland and the North of England by respected industry insiders – plus the latest news and what’s on guides. Whether deciding on which caravan or motorhome to buy, looking for the ideal park to visit or browsing for new gear to enhance the touring experience, Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes is the perfect companion for travels throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Interview Lorraine

Interview Lorraine Kelly: still caravanning Daytime TV presenter Lorraine Kelly chats to Katrina Patrick about the magic and freedom of caravan holidays She haS her own national ITV morning show and regularly holidays in Singapore to visit her daughter, but Lorraine Kelly will always have a soft spot for caravanning in Scotland. ‘It goes away back to when I was a child and we used to go to the “huts” in Port Seton,’ remembers Lorraine. ‘Even in the bad weather there was something so good about listening to the rain beating down on the roof, and being so cosy inside playing cards and Monopoly. In the sunshine it wasajoy. There were always other kids to play with, and there’sareal camaraderie with fellow caravanners.’ Born in Glasgow, Lorraine’s first taste of caravanning was on a trip with her school, Strathclyde Primary in Bridgeton, to stay at Faskally Caravan Park, near Pitlochry. Waking up in the Perthshire countryside wasanew experience for the young Lorraine, and this, coupled with subsequent family holidays to the parks in Kenmore and Stranraer, forged a life-long love of caravan holidays. ‘There’s something very magical about caravanning, and having the freedom to go where you want to go.’ London weekend Lorraine now lives a dual life: during the week she stays in London to film her weekday morning shows for ITV, and on Fridays she flies back for the weekend in her adopted home town of Dundee. Time at home with her husband, Steve, is precious, which might be why local caravan trips appeal to the former newspaper journalist, who recently celebrated 30 years on our screens. For Lorraine, the drive through Scotland’s scenery is as big a part of the allure as the parks themselves. ‘You don’t need to travel too far to find beautiful places to visit in Scotland, and from where I live in Dundee we have Perthshire on our doorstep. Some of my favourite journeys, though, have been on Orkney or Harris. The scenery is spectacular, and they’re such incredible places to visit. You keep having to get out of the car to take photos, especially of the glorious beaches in Harris.’ Lorraine is no stranger to camping pitches either – although, as she admits, these experiences have been a little hit-or-miss. One of her fondest memories is a camping trip to Blackpool in 1976, which saw the hottest summer average temperature in the UK since records began. pictures Lorraine KeLLy (right), itV Daytime (beLow Left), rex features (beLow right) Above: Seen here with an Airstream van, Lorraine has enjoyed camping and caravanning holidays since she was a small child Below left: Lorraine’s life as a daytime TV star may be pretty glamorous, but the appeal of the Scottish countryside hasn’t left her 8 Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes winter 2017

‘I was 15, and my brother Graham was nine. It was just brilliant, one of the best family holidays we ever had. The tent was tiny, but we slept outside because it was so warm and went to the beach all day.’ As everyone who spends much time in a tent knows well, however, the sun doesn’t Lorraine’sshowisoneveryweekdayat8:30am always shine on the campsite. ‘The next year we went camping in Oban. It was a disaster. It never stopped pouring with rain, and we had to come home early. Graham and I fought like cat and dog and it was not a happy time!’ This experience did nothing to dampen Lorraine’s adventurous camping spirit, though, and in 2011 she took part in the Red Nose Day Desert Trek across Kenya to raise funds for Comic Relief projects in the area. ‘It was tough going, but I loved my little tent and slept like a log after walking for miles in the searing desert sun.’ Tune in Lorraine still enjoys her camping and caravanning breaks away from the rush of London, and encourages everyone to try it. ‘Give it a go and enjoy the whole experience. There’s a fantastic community who’ll give you support and advice. Static caravans are a good option too, especially if you’re just starting out. If you’re on the road, there’sareal sense of freedom, and caravan parks now are really good. Enjoy!’ “There’s something so good about listening to the rain on the roof and being so cosy” winter 2017 Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes 9

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