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44 rww Park Meerwijk,

44 rww Park Meerwijk, Bergen, Architects of the Amsterdam School (1915) his signature mark. “Ich” (German for “I”) was the simple, somewhat arrogant, inscription on the dome of the first Goetheanum in Dornach. To begin with, a tenable interpretation of the few buildings by Steiner that could justify attribution to the field of organic architecture is scarcely defensible in terms of historical concepts. Various aspects can be cited as evidence of an architecture that could be described as organic. The use of local and regional building materials and the way the structure is integrated into the topography usually mean that the panorama of the landscape determines the line and shape of the

ORGANIC AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE 45 roof. The architecture copies the lines of the topography. Contrasting materials and forms are avoided in what is understood as organic architecture. The result is often the addition of an extra mythological dimension to the site of the building and its grounds. In discussions of organic architecture, it mostly becomes clear that it concerns a structure that is close to nature and usually avoids rectangular shapes or at least breaks them up into component parts. However, when a building that has already become an iconic example in the history of architecture—such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, which is