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80 Gangart,

80 Gangart, Vergangenheit, Ich stehe zu mir, Verstehen—Verstand, Abgang (each of these German words incorporate roots relating to standing, walking, and stepping). A sign at the start of the path (field of experience) says, “Dear barefoot walker! If you follow the colored posts, the barefoot path will lead you through the entire park and to many places where you can stop and experience particular sensations. As long as you are in the wood, please keep to the marked path. If you step off this path, nasty surprises await your feet in the form of prickly sweet chestnut cases and brambles.” 162 The slabs are doors and also windows leading into the interior of the overgrown park; tactile sensations, poetically expressed and enriched with anthropology appear in quick succession. The hard rock appears as a welcome contrast to the soft soil of the wood. Reflections couched in simple language, with words relating to movement and standing, hint at an etymological mindset similar to Heidegger’s, and there must be something suggestive about them, as the language of the woodland path may call to mind Heidegger’s Holzwege (Forest Walks), which has been translated into English under the title Off the Beaten Track. Comparable to the anthropological initiatives are the fundamental principles developed by Moshé Feldenkrais for a theory of movement that also has spiritual elements, which, like those practiced by top sportsman

MOBILITY 81 Wim Luijpers, must be understood as a theory of consciousness, as a technique for “learning to know and understand one’s own body better. It is a very effective learning method that, through the conscious perception of their own movement, enables people to activate and improve their movement.” 163 This allows us to call on physical resources only ten percent of which are normally used, according to Luijpers. 164 This means that throughout our lives we have very little idea of what our bodies are capable of. That is a shame. If we seize the opportunities for daily movement and make good use of them in order to consciously achieve physical and mental balance, v Video still, swimmer in the drinking water system, Arsenale, 15th Architecture Biennale, Venice (2016) ws Olympic village, Elstal, Wuster mark, swimming pool (1936)