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Brand Usage Guideline

The Emerald Company

The Emerald Company Brand Usage Guidelines November 2017 Wordmark Usage Guidelines Wordmark Usage Guidelines We have created a wordmark that represents the fundamental value of your brand. It is designed to work as a standalone piece as well as in conjunction with other elements from your visual identity. Overtime, it will become instantly recognisable and a calling card for your business. To protect the clarity and visual integrity of your identity, an exclusion area (marked in blue) has been illustrated. Please ensure that all design elements do not encroach on this space. The exclusion area serves as a guide, it is never visible nor printed. X X X Variations The workmark may only ever be in black, white, green or pink. The black or green wordmark is to be used against very light backdrops. The pink wordmark is to be used against the green or a colour where the pink is still legible and is harmonious with its backdrop colour. Finally, the white wordmark is to be used against dark backdrops.

The Emerald Company Brand Usage Guidelines November 2017 Wordmark Usage Guidelines Symbol Usage Guidelines The symbol can be used on its own if the audience has already seen the full logo within the same space. For example, the symbol can be used on its own on social media or business cards, given that the name is already displayed. Due to “the” and “co.” on either side of the diamond, the exclusion area has been tailored to ensure that the symbol will always be centred in relation to the diamond. 0.6 X 1.4 X X Variations X The workmark should always be used in it’s original black colour, unless it's used on a dark background or on top of images in which case you should switch to the negative, white, colour. The workmark should never been used in an colour except black and white.

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