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MEET THE LADIES OF BEADS FOR LIFE WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF CO-CREATION THE POWER OF BEADS This inspiring workplace is owned by one of our angels in Nepal, Nimdiki Sherpa. This strongwilled lady represents the heart and soul of A Beautiful Story. As a true entrepreneur, she made her dream come true and established her own jewelry factory to empower Nepalese women. Nimdiki started working with about six women. Today Beads for Life consists of 30 skilled ladies that create all the A Beautiful Story items that are made of beads. Working at Beads for Life gives these talented jewelry makers the chance to take care of their family and be independent. We are very proud to be able to work together with such an empowering and inspiring workplace!

MEET THE MEN OF ARTISANS WORKSHOP EACH ITEM IS UNIQUE AND MADE BY HAND A PLACE OF TOGETHERNESS This multi-faceted business is one of our most important co-creating partners. This workshop consists of around 35 craftsmen who work passionately at making all the brass and sterling silver pieces of the A Beautiful Story collections. The workshop is filled with the sound of cutting, stamping and soldering items, from small rings to large coins and complete necklaces with gemstones. This place of togetherness is an example of a reliable employer, who cares about the social rights and working conditions of its employees. This place is not only a place of creation but also a place of friendship, which is shown when all colleagues stay at the workshop in the evenings to play cards and spend even more time together. We look forward to many more years of empowerment and co-creation.

November/2010 Officers: For 2010 and 2011 - Mount Hood Rock Club
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