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STONES SYMBOLS OF THE WORLD Gemstones have played various roles in the myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. Some tell a story or are believed to have special powers. They communicate the earthly energies with us. Gemstones come in every color of the rainbow and are gathered from all corners of the world. A fine piece of jewelry with a symbol can blend in beautifully with your personal style. Besides spicing up your outfit, each symbol conveys a deeper meaning without using words. These little storytellers are a perfect match with our brand. OF NATURE Black Onyx Citrine Labradorite Shell Butterlfy Lotus Black Onyx is a strong magical gemstone that keeps you concentrated and determined. You see and hear everything clearly and will not get distracted by your environment. In need of some focus? Wear our Black Onyx jewelry. Citrine is the gemstone of light, brightness and joy. It empowers the creative mind and helps you to be your true self. Citrine helps during exams, job interviews or other situations where you need to show the best version of yourself. Labradorite unites all your powerful energies, makes it strong and complete. And then brings it out to the world around you. The stone helps you to get closer to your own knowledge and wisdom. It simply brings out the best in those who wear it. The shell symbolizes the inner self and core. It reminds us to focus on our own personal journey and to stay true to ourself when feeling like giving up. Wear this symbol to help you through the challenges life brings you. A butterfly reflects transformation, strength and freedom. It encourages you to be brave and open. Wear the butterfly to feel the liberty to be able to let go of limitations and express your true self from within. A lotus stands for purity of speech, endurance and enlightment. This inspiring symbol brings light during challenging moments in life. Use this symbol to help you release hidden emotions and pain. Be able to tell your true story and experience true purity of speech and mind. Rose Quartz Moonstone Dandelion Dragonfly This rose colored and calming stone is often called the Love Stone. It heals the heart, helps you to love yourself and to love the people around you. Rose Quartz brings unconditional love into your life and daily situations. It lowers stress, soothes you and raises self-esteem and self-worthiness. Moonstone reflects female energy. It is a stone that guides women to recognize and embrace their innate personal power. This gemstone encourages and protects while discovering the unknown. It also balances women’s hormones in line with the lunar cycle and makes them feel secure when going in a new direction. This joyful symbol stands for spreading your wishes and desires as far as the summer wind blows. This symbol helps you to visualize your dreams and helps you realize what is really important in your own personal life. This special helper guides you in times of change and transition. This symbol helps you to bring your inner knowledge to the surface.

SUMMER BRACELET SUMMER MIXED BRACELET Summer Rose Quartz bracelet BL22215 / € 14,95 Summer Labradorite bracelet BL22615 / € 14,95 Summer Roze Quartz mixed bracelet BL22219 / € 19,95 Summer Labradorite mixed bracelet BL22619 / € 19,95 Summer Black Onyx bracelet BL22415 / € 14,95 Summer Moonstone bracelet BL22315 / € 14,95 Summer Citrine bracelet BL23015 / € 14,95 Summer Black Onyx mixed bracelet BL22419 / € 19,95 Summer Moonstone mixed bracelet BL22319 / € 19,95 Summer Citrine mixed bracelet BL23019 / € 19,95 SUMMER SPARK BRACELET NIRMALA BRACELET Summer spark Roze Quartz bracelet BL22216 / € 17,95 Summer spark Labradorite bracelet BL22616 / € 17,95 Nirmala Rose Quartz silver bracelet BL22225 / € 34,95 Nirmala Labradorite silver bracelet BL22625 / € 34,95 Summer spark Black Onyx bracelet BL22416 / € 17,95 Summer spark Moonstone bracelet BL22316 / € 17,95 Summer spark Citrine bracelet BL23016 / € 17,95 Nirmala Black Onyx gold bracelet BL22425 / € 34,95 Nirmala Moonstone gold bracelet BL22325 / € 34,95 Nirmala Citrine gold bracelet BL23025 / € 34,95 Summer bracelet | inner size 16 - 22 cm | glass beads, brass beads with a medium size gemstone and a slide knot of cotton thread Summer spark bracelet | inner size 16 - 22 cm | glass beads, brass beads with five small faceted gemstones and a slide knot of cotton thread Summer mixed bracelet | inner size 16 - 22 cm | glass beads, brass beads with three small faceted gemstones a slide knot of cotton thread Nirmala bracelet | inner size 17 cm, elastic | brass beads, glass beads, sandal wood beads (optional), with a large size gemstone pendant

November/2010 Officers: For 2010 and 2011 - Mount Hood Rock Club
Series »Alraune Loomies«
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