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Translate your way

Translate your way Designed to make the difference !"#$%&'()*+"&!,-./ !"#)*+"&!$%&'()*+0!#+)&*()*+"&!,-./ !"#)*+"&!$%&'(#!1()*+"&!,-./ A&1>*8B:)5C5,-./523451#%$5D##5E8B:)!5E;!;*F;"$5D##5%&'1+0>51*&"7%)5&*5!;*F8%;50+';!55 referenced herein are propertes of their respectve owners. 23456*+"&!52)7"8&58!51+*)5&95):;5708&755 )&5?&*@5):;5?+>5>&75?+0)5)&$ Come and meet SDL at ATA58 Conference in Washington DC - October 25-28 2017 sdl_ad_ATA58_TradosStudio2017_YourWay_Freelance_EN.indd 1 23/05/2017 12:39

ENGAGED H PASSIONATE H INSPIRED H YOU BELONG HERE American Translators Association 58th Annual Conference Oct 25-28 2017 H Washington DC 58 “Being together with kindred spirits is refreshing and uplifting. I feel very proud to be a member of our profession.” You belong where over 1,800 dedicated translation and interpreting professionals connect globally. “I loved every minute of the conference. It truly is a worthwhile experience.” You belong where you can tackle current challenges, collaborate with industry leaders, and help shape the future of your profession. American Translators Association The Voice of Interpreters and Translators Final Program H 1