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4 Tuesday, February 13, 2018 National FIA summons ten politicians in MQM founder's money laundering probe KARACHI: Head office: 509, Land Mark Plaza, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Ph: +9221-32214988- 32214990, Fax: +9221-32214989, Chief Editor: Muhammad Taqi Alvi Associate Editor: Ali Razavi - Editor Special Reports: Muhammad Rafique Rajpar Hyderabad Bureau Chief: Abbas Kassar - Islamabad Bureau Chief: Hameedullah Khan ISLAMABAD –– LAHORE –– RAWALPINDI –– KARACHI EDITORIAL A 3-Point April Fool of Big Powers joked through Muslim Rulers against nations and Islamic World SURPRISING or otherwise, a 3-point April Fool agenda of big powers is played upon Ummah as a joke, played through Muslim rulers, and is worth knowing, if it's not already recognized for what it's, though many do. It's said that historically Muslim slaves are promised freedom but their ship to freedom is sunk in the middle of the waters, with this declaration: "You can now have your freedom"! Muslims even joke against themselves by playing April Fool. May be this last part of the joke where non Muslims make Muslim joke against themselves ought to be stopped. It's not amazing that Israelis and Westerners joke a lot among themselves against Muslims on April Fool: 1. Joke 1: Post 9/11 Israeli directed bombing mostly through Saudi nationals is assumed to have led to a big powers' anti-terror war mostly -- but truly wrongly -- against Muslim world countries, instead of its original planners within White House, FBI, CIA, MOSSAD and a few US allies abroad, especially pro-Israel and anti-Islam rulers. It's said that politicians who themselves trigger violence and bloodshed are entrusted with millions and billions of dollars to fight an ensuing and so called anti terror war. This war was later diverted by Muslim leaders in majority, against Islamic Shi'ite minority's non compromising spiritual and religious forces. Last part of the joke: It's war for terrorism, not against terrorism. Proof? WoT increased terrorism, and did not decrease terrorism in many countries of Islamic world! 2. Joke two: Fake and hypocritical leaders against religion are made whole and sole authority on anything and everything concerned with religion. The idea of this joke aims for religion to destroy religion. Like through mischievous leaders and satanic rulers, drunkards, adulterers, liars, hypocrites, extortionists, killers and blackmailers in many so called countries in the name of Islam and Islamic system. Cruelty of this joke is likely, planned or executed agenda of desecration, damaging, dynamiting or bombing for blasting sacred By Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian The Vatican appears to be seeking a rapprochement with China, almost 70 years after Beijing broke ties. But the Catholic Church has little to gain and much to lose from mending ties with the Communist Party-ruled country. And Pope Francis should be under no illusions: Any agreement the two sides may strike will be entirely on Beijing’s terms. This month, the Vatican asked two underground Chinese bishops to step down in favour of their Beijing-approved counterparts, one of whom the church in Rome had already excommunicated. Then, the Vatican indicated it would recognise the legitimacy of seven Communist Party-approved bishops. The moves come after several years of statements and other indications from Pope Francis that he hopes to mend ties with China. The Vatican currently maintains diplomatic relations with the self-governed island of Taiwan. A split has long divided Chinese Catholic clergy into those appointed by the state-sanctioned Catholic church formed in the 1950s and those loyal to the pope and secretly ordained as part of an underground Catholic movement. The Vatican believes the decline in the Catholic population in China, now about 10 million (although estimates vary) after peaking in 2000, is due to tensions over this split. Pope Francis hopes that reconciliation will re-energise the Church there. Beijing, meanwhile, fears foreign sway over its population. In any deal to restore relations with the Vatican, the party would almost certainly insist on having the final say over which bishops are appointed. Such a capitulation of spiritual authority would damage the Catholic Church in China for years to come. How do we know? Because this very scenario has played out before — in communist Hungary. After the communist takeover of Hungary in the late 1940s, the new government imprisoned the fiery anti-communist Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, the church’s leader there. Finally, in 1971, the cardinal was permitted to leave Hungary under Pope Paul VI’s policy of Ostpolitik, by which the Church engaged with eastern European communist governments to try to improve the lives of Catholics there. But even before his departure, the Communist Party had already started selecting bishops as they saw fit, and the Church never raised any real obstacles to the practice after that. The dissident cardinal, who lived until 1975, excoriated the Church for giving in to communism. He became both a symbol of Catholic opposition to communism and a vocal critic of the Vatican’s policy of appeasement. But in the long run, Ostpolitik didn’t help the Hungarian church, which fell into a slow decline. “You can see what the consequences were in communist Hungary,” said Piotr Kosicki, a historian of modern Europe at the University of Maryland. “There were just fewer and fewer Catholics. There was a lot shrines of holy prophets, their companions and disciples. 3. Joke three: To prove that Muslim people -- that naturally includes leaders, rulers and nations -- are deaf, dumb and blind and mostly remain without words and deeds Israeli forces run with boots into sacred al-Aqsa mosque, abuse and arrest Namaazi Muslims in prayers. At most, Saudi rulers and OIC who pays lip service to big powers, speak against it, but does nothing in practice to stop this decades old Israeli atrocities! Zionists kill Palestinians, wage wars on them, usurp Palestinian land and punish the Arabs in their jails. Gaza is hungry and starving, its infrastructure all but destroyed, and is surrounded by Israeli soldiers who loot foreign ships and aid to Palestine. Later part of this Israeli joke is that Muslim countries not only fail to take action against Israel but even Egypt too with its blockade and bombing over Gaza supports Israel, and so does most of over 50 Muslim OIC member states! Perhaps, if not fake Muslim leaders, some true human leaders and nations can stop these jokes being played against the Muslim Ummah collectively, though free oil and petro-dollar supplies have shut up almost every leader's mouth in both Sunni and Shia Muslims for promotion of one true Islam of Saudi Wahabism and Salafism, without any Sunni or Shia in Islam, except Wahabis and Salafis. There are violent Muslim demonstrations by people and parties with killings and casualties, setting fire to public places and sit ins for days against some unpleasant incidents and insults against Prophet or Islam. But compared to so big jokes as written above, it all seem to be not more significant than damaging and destroying of Islamic sacred graves and shrines of holy prophet and his close family members and companions (may peace be upon them all). Why are there no protests and demonstrations by Islamic personalities and Muslim scholars against so big issues of Muslim honor worldwide? OPINION Pope is warming up to the Chinese Communist Party A capitulation of spiritual authority would damage the Catholic Church in China for years to come less energy in a church run with the Communist Party pulling the strings.” Kosicki thinks the same would happen in China if the Vatican lets Beijing appoint bishops. “Instead of having 9 million Catholics in China, there will be 3 million,” said Kosicki. “Or maybe there will be 9 million but most of them will just never go to Mass, which is what happened in Eastern Europe.” Pope Francis hasn’t forgotten the lessons of Hungary — but the lesson that concerns him is the rise of a vocal critic within the Church. Recently, he reportedly said he hopes to avoid “another Mindszenty case.” But that figure may already exist in Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun of Hong Kong. Zen has been increasingly outspoken, accusing the Holy See of “selling out” to Beijing. It’s not hard to see why opposition to Vatican appeasement would be widespread. Guo Xijin, one of the underground bishops asked to step aside, serves in a region in southern China that has about 80,000 Catholics. Of those, 70,000 are affiliated with the underground church, according to Xi Lian, a professor of world Christianity at Duke Divinity School. To underground Catholics who have at times suffered fines and even imprisonment to remain loyal to the pope, the move to sideline one of their bishops is “a slap in the face,” Lian said. Fenggang Yang, a scholar of Chinese religion at Purdue University, says it could even “lead many underground Catholics to refuse the reconciliation.” For Beijing, restored relations with the Holy See would be a real windfall with no downside. The Vatican is the only remaining sovereign state in Europe that has diplomatic relations with Taiwan. The Communist Party has long sought to isolate the democratic island on the international stage, and it has stepped up those efforts since Taiwan elected a Beijing-sceptic president two years ago. Losing the Vatican would be a major blow for Taiwan and at the same time increase China’s prestige. Beijing doesn’t appear particularly interested in giving anything up in return, Yang said. China “has given very little or nothing to get closer to the Vatican’s position, such as accepting the underground bishops as legitimate bishops” or dissolving the parallel state-run church, Yang said. Thanks to a new set of strict religious regulations, making it far more difficult for the underground church to continue to operate in the gray area it has carved out for itself in the past several decades, China has the Church in a vise. In restoring relations, “the Chinese government has very little to lose, and the Vatican has a lot more to lose and very little to gain,” Lian said. “The Vatican risks losing its spiritual authority and dampening the spirit of the Catholics. That’s a price the pope shouldn’t be willing to pay. ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has summoned Dr Sagheer among ten senior members of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in a notification issued on Monday in what comes as an important development in money laundering probe against MQM founder. MQM founder who has been living in self-imposed exile in London since 1992 is facing a money laundering probe which at a time was pursued by multiple security departments including Scotland Yard of Britain. Dr Sagheer has been summoned by the authority to appear at 11:00am on February 15, 2018 at Counter Terrorism Wing/FIA Headquarters in the federal capital The inspector in the case has warned the leaders of punishment in accordance with the law in case of non-compliance with the order. Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Tahir, Rauf Mughal, Manzoor Ahmed, Muhammad Irfan, Rafeeq Rajput, Kamal Siddique and Kaiful Warra are the other members who have been summoned. The British investigative agency had dropped money laundering probe against MQM founder in October 2016 however, the case continues with FIA. According to a notification issued today, the agency has summoned ten leaders of the political organisation which is chased by allegations of LAHORE: Visitors take keen interest in painting during Art Painting Exhibition held at local art gallery. PBM officers spend lavishly from fund allocated for poor ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal (PBM), established purely to help the poor and helpless has set new records of lavish spending by the bureaucracy with the elusion of its Managing Director. A hefty amount is being spent by officers instead of spending on the poor people but the concerned authority MD PBM was not paying heed towards this genuine matter, revealed a document available with “Online”. It disclosed that officers were spending Rs 930 million instead of Rs 800 million per annum while a sum of Rs 130 million extra money was being spent by the officers. Ironically, these funds Result of class x supplementary exam of science & general groups announced Bureau Report HYDERABAD: Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Hyderabad announced result of Secondary School Certificate part-II(Class-X) supplementary examination according to which 7668 students were registered while 7437 appeared in Science group out of whom 6559 had passed making it 88.19 percent. In general group 173 candidates were registered while 156 appeared in examination out of whom 121 passed making 77.56 pass percentage. 3 persons involved in street crimes nabbed ISLAMABAD: Islamabad industrial area police have arrested three persons involved in streets crimes and a sizeable quantity of arms and ammunition has been recovered from their possession. A team headed by SP Industrial area Liaquat Niazi has carried out the raid. The arrested persons include Sheraz Beg, Waeem Zaman and Usman. Cases have been registered against the arrested persons in the industrial area police station. According to preliminary investigation they have disclosed their involvement in several incidents of street crimes. were allocated to be spent on the poor and needy people. In 2016, Pakistan Baitul-Maal (PBM), was given Rs 4 billion to be spent on the poor while Rs 800 million were given to administration to meet its expenditures. Officers overseeing administrative affairs spent Rs 930 million instead of Rs 800 million and spent overall over Rs 3.27bilion and spent Rs 610 million on lavish expenditures. During Nawaz Sharif’s regime instead of lessening administrative expenditures, were increased upto 16.29 percent while on the other hand, funds allocated for the poor and need persons were decreased, which unmasked the dishonesty Vijay kumar NAWABSHAH: Uderal lal welfare organization is serving the Humanity since long time. They announced winter relief program for down trodden area of tharparkar, it commenced from 9,10,11 Feb 2018, It is another feature in and ill intention of PBM officers and the Head. The documents further revealed that PBM also purchased two flats in Pakistan Housing Society from the amount allocated for the poor people and a sum of Rs 9.1 million were paid in advance. It further unearthed that PBM officers received Rs 253 million in advance, which is 35% increase in advance as compared to previous year. Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal (PBM) officers in the name of giving money to deserving people under child support programme, paid Rs 700 million to bank as advance money while during the last year this amount was only Rs 12 million. the cap of Udero lal welfare Organization that it collected material, like winter dresses, blankets, shoes and cash money, from many houses and distributed to the most needy ones in various villages and schools of Tharparkar. Over 400 dresses, jackets, shoes distributed in 7 illegal foreign funding and covert support of anti- Pakistan forces including Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India. The notification reads that Dr Sagheer among ten MQM members are summoned to appear before FIA team and answer questions concerning MQM founder and his assets. He was arrested by Scotland Yard in June 2014 and was released in the days that followed, not unlike the nabbing and interrogations after that. IHC summons SHO, witnesses in Tayyaba torture case I S L A M A B A D : Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed SHO I-9 Police station Khalid Mehmood and other witnesses to appear before it on Tuesday. The hearing of Tayyaba torture case was adjourned without any proceedings by a single bench of IHC presided over by Justice Aamir Farooq. On previous hearing the court had summoned last investigation officer SHO Khalid Mehmood and now the court has directed SHO Khalid Mehmood and other witnesses to appear before it on next hearing. Hearing of ephedrine quota case adjourned R A W A L P I N D I : Hearing of ephedrine quota case and Hanif Abbasi former MNA and 7 other coaccused and petitions in respect of freezing of Hanif Abbasi bank accounts has been adjourned till February 23 without any proceedings due to non appointment of judge in Anti Terrorism Court Rawalpindi. Judge Raja Pervez Akhtar was transferred earlier and in his place no new judge has been appointed. Winter relief program organized by Udero Lal welfare Bureau Report HYDERABAD: Mutehida Qaumi Movement (MQM) which had been dreaming to divide Sindh has itself been divided. Its was destined to downfall over Senate tickets. Same destiny PPP was to meet over distribution of tickets for coming general elections of 2018. These views were expressed by chief organizer of Sindh National Tehrik Lala Qurban Sodhro, Mir villages of islamkot & nangar. While talking to media, Social activists said that We Really very thankful to all members of Tando adam & Umerkot who contribute in this noble cause. Service for all is service for God. MQM dreamt of Sindh division is divided itself: SNT Allahdad Talpur, Dr. Abida Siddiqui, Jhangi Mallah, Akhtar Sindhi and others in a joint statement here. They said MQM was not only a terrorist organization but it was also anti Muhajir party which has harmed more to Urdu speaking Sindhis, the manifesto is to kill Urdu speaking people in name of Muhajirs. In same way PPP has deprived Sindhis of Roti, Kapra and Makan posing itself as Nationalist.

Palestinian leader seeks Russia's backing over Jerusalem Mahmoud Abbas is visiting Russia in an attempt to bring the US rival state on-side following Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. MOSCOW: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Russia on Monday in a bid to secure Russian President Vladimir Putin's support following Washington's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The Palestinian leader was set to visit Moscow two weeks after a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Abbas has refused any contact with US President Donald Trump's administration since Washington's recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital at the end of last year. Abbas is due to speak at the United Nations Security Council on February 20. Palestinians see the US decision, which broke with years of international diplomacy, as a denial of their claim to East Jerusalem as the capital of an eventual Palestinian state. Israel took control of East Jerusalem in the 1967 CAIRO: U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Monday the United States supports Egypt’s fight against Islamic State but reiterated that it advocated free and fair elections in the Arab country. Speaking at a joint news conference with his Egyptian counterpart, Tillerson also said that Washington remained committed to achieving a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Tillerson arrived in Egypt at the start of a regional tour amid heightened tensions between Six-Day War, annexed it and later declared it the indivisible capital of Israel. The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has accused Abbas of lacking the courage needed to forge a peace deal with Israel. Abbas in turn has rejected any mediation by Washington in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and has promised his people to work towards full recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations. Alexander Shumilin, a Middle East scholar at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies, called Abbas's visit "an attempt to cosy up to Russia, a consistent ally, and to stop Netanyahu leading Moscow astray during an improvement in Russia- Israeli ties". Netanyahu visited Russia on January 29 and along with Putin attended a memorial ceremony at the Jewish museum in Moscow Israel and Syria after an Israeli F-16 aircraft was shot down. It also follows a major security operation by the Egyptian military to crush Islamist militants who have killed hundreds of people since 2013. “We agreed we would continue our close cooperation on counterterrorism measures,” Tillerson said. “The Egyptian people should be confident that the U.S. commitment to continue to support Egypt in fight against terrorism and bringing security to Egyptian people is steadfast.” The Egyptian military campaign comes ahead of presidential election in March, in which President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is seeking a second term in office. Asked about the Tillerson said the United States supports a credible, transparent election in Egypt and Libya. “We have always advocated for free and fair elections, transparent elections not just in Egypt but in any for the victims of Nazi camps. He took the opportunity to accuse Iran of wanting to "destroy" the Jewish state. In turn, the Russian president likened anti- Semitism to "Russophobia" and said Russia and Israel were "cooperating closely", country,” Tillerson said. “The U.S. is always going to advocate for electoral process that respects rights of citizens,” he told journalists, adding that the United States was also keen to continue supporting Egypt in its economic recovery. particularly against "attempts to falsify history". Chances 'close to zero' For Shumilin, Monday's visit "is a necessary political gesture for Abbas but can do little in the practical sense". "It is also definitely not worth expecting a breakthrough from this visit," he added. In 2016 Russia offered to host one-on-one talks without preconditions between Abbas and Netanyahu but these never materialised. In January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov estimated that chances of resuming direct talks between the two sides in the current situation were "close to zero". Lavrov also said "we understand the emotions" Palestinians feel towards Trump. "We keep hearing in recent months that the US is about to publish some 'major deal' that... will satisfy everyone," he said. But he added that Russia "has not seen or heard of such a document or even any statement". Japan PM tells S. Korea's US Secretary of State says Washington Moon that 2015 'comfort backs Egypt in fight against terrorism women' deal is final P Y E O N G C H A N G , Russia hunts for body fragments, clues after fatal plane crash MOSCOW: Emergency workers in Russia searched snow-covered fields outside Moscow on Monday, looking for body fragments and clues after a fatal plane crash a day earlier killed all 71 people on board. MOSCOW (Reuters) - Emergency workers in Russia searched snow-covered fields outside Moscow on Monday, looking for body fragments and clues after a fatal plane crash a day earlier killed all 71 people on board. Among the possible causes investigators are looking into are weather conditions, human error and the plane’s technical condition. The plane’s crew did not send any distress signals. KUWAIT: Rebuilding Iraq after three years of war with Islamic State will cost $88.2 billion, with housing a particularly urgent priority, Iraqi officials told an international donors’ conference on Monday. Donors and investors have gathered in Kuwait this week to discuss efforts to rebuild Iraq’s economy and infrastructure as it emerges from a devastating conflict with the hardline militants who seized almost a third of the country. Iraq declared victory Experts are analyzing a flight recorder recovered in the wreckage as well as plane fragments. Footage from a CCTV camera which captured some of what happened was posted online on Monday. It showed what looked like a large ball of fire streaking through the sky. Debris and human remains are spread over a radius of a kilometer around the crash site, investigators have said. Officials from Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry told a meeting broadcast on state TV on Monday that DNA tests were being organized with the relatives of those killed to try to identify body fragments. over Islamic State in December, having taken back all the territory captured by the militants in 2014 and 2015. About $22 billion will be required in the short term and another $66 billion in the medium term, the director-general of the country’s planning ministry, Qusay Adulfattah, told the conference, without indicating any time frame. “Rebuilding Iraq is restoring hope to Iraq, and restoring the stability of Iraq is stabilizing the Ahead of Lunar New Year, China's Xi says will banish 'ghost' of poverty BEIJING: China will banish the “ghosts” of poverty, Chinese President Xi Jinping told villagers in a poor southwestern part of the country during a traditional visit to outlying regions before the Lunar New Year. Chinese leaders generally use the time around the festival to make inspection trips around the country where they flag important policy initiatives or areas of concern for the year ahead. The week-long holiday, starting on the eve of the new year, on Thursday, is the most important in the Chinese calendar, when millions of people travel home, many for the only time in the year. Xi has made poverty alleviation one of his signature policy issues after pledging in 2015 that China would lift the 70 million people living under the poverty level at the time out of poverty by 2020. South Korea: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe restated Tokyo’s opposition to revising a 2015 agreement on “comfort women” in talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday, calling the deal a promise between nations and the basis of two-way ties. Abe also said, however, that the two leaders had agreed the two countries needed to create a “futureoriented” relationship, which Moon also underscored in opening remarks at their meeting in Pyeongchang, where Abe is to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Japan and South Korea share a bitter history that includes Japan’s 1910-45 colonization of the peninsula and the use of comfort women, Japan’s euphemism for women - many of them Korean - forced to work in its wartime brothels. A renewed feud over the issue has frayed ties even as America’s two key Asian allies confront the challenge of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. NEW YORK: The executive director of Oxfam International said on Sunday she was heartbroken by a sexual misconduct scandal in Haiti involving aid workers that prompted Britain’s government to threaten to cut off aid funding to charities. Oxfam, one of Britain’s biggest charities, has condemned the behavior of some former staff in Haiti after a newspaper report said aid workers paid for sex while on a mission to help those affected by the BOLLYWOOD: While glimpses into Anushka Sharma’s upcoming horror flick Pari have already got us to the edge of our seats, the actor seems to be channelling the aura into her ensembles during the promotional events as well. Sharma was spotted at a recent event for her movie in a dramatic all-black ensemble and we like the mysterious vibes she gave in it. The actor stepped out in a modern back-cut asymmetrical kurta, teamed with a sequinned pair of pants in the same colour by Nikhil Thampi. This combination of plain black with sequins is from the designer’s latest collection and even here we like how the two elements of the plain black front were balanced with the dramatic cut of the kurta at the back and the shimmer pants. Kudos to stylist Alla Al Rufai for choosing this outfit for the actor. Check out some of the pictures here. For the make-up, artist Vardan Nayak opted for a nude palette and neutral lips. Soft smokey eyes and highlighted brows drew attention to the actor’s eyes, complementing her black Tuesday, February 13, 2018 International ensemble. Hairstylist Franco Vallelonga rounded out her look with sleek middle-parted hair and a nonfuss ponytail. We think the actor looked glamorous, structured and minimalistically fierce. The Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actor had opted for a dramatic outfit before too for the promotions of her movie. That time she had gone with a white top having a sheer embroidered pattern on it from Two Point Two and the actor’s outfit 5 Anushka Sharma’s all-black outfit for Pari promos packs a powerful and dramatic punch during MANAMA: Bahrain has ordered 17,000 English school textbooks reprinted for labeling the body of water surrounding the Arab island kingdom as the “Persian Gulf”, a political taboo, state news agency BNA reported on Monday. Bahrain and the other U.S.-allied Gulf Arab states resent the term, which is commonly used in English to denote the Gulf, through which large amounts of oil are shipped. The Gulf Arab states accuse non-Arab Iran, formerly known as Persia and which lies on the other side of the sea lane, of seeking to dominate the region, a charge Tehran denies. They insist on calling the stretch had been weird. However, this time her dramatic outfit seems to have hit the mark. We love her look this time but what about you? Let us know in the comments below. Bahrain orders 17,000 school textbooks reprinted over "Persian Gulf" gaffe LONDON: All flights to and from London’s City Airport were cancelled on Monday after an unexploded World War Two bomb was found in the River Thames at George V Dock, the airport said. Police said the ordnance was found during work at the airport on Sunday and they set up a 200-metre exclusion zone. The Metropolitan Police said properties within the exclusion zone had been evacuated and a number of roads were cordoned off. Robert Sinclair, CEO of water the “Arabian Gulf”. Bahrain’s education ministry, the news report said, had commissioned an unnamed “overseas establishment” to print the books for third-grade schoolchildren and provided it with “correct material to include in the book, including the Arabian Gulf map”. London City Airport shut after WW2 bomb found in Thames states of the region and the world,” said Planning Minister Salman al-Jumaili. Iraq has published a list of some 157 projects for which it is seeking private investments at the conference, which some 1,900 delegates representing foreign governments, private firms and NGOs have registered to attend. The projects include rebuilding destroyed facilities such as Mosul airport and new investments to diversify the economy away from oil sales, by developing transport, agriculture and industries based on the nation’s energy wealth, including petrochemicals and oil refining. Rebuilding homes, hospitals, schools, roads, businesses and telecommunications will be key to providing jobs for the young, ending the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people and putting an end to decades of political and sectarian violence. Around 138,000 housing units have been damaged and half of them are completely destroyed, Mustafa al-Hiti, who of London City Airport, the city’s fifth biggest and the most central, said: “The airport is cooperating fully with the Met Police and Royal Navy and working hard to safely remove the device and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.” Oxfam International boss says Haiti scandal 'breaks my heart' 2010 earthquake. Britain’s aid minister said the government would cut aid funding from any charity that did not comply with a new review into their work overseas, calling reports of sexual exploitation in the sector “utterly despicable.” Winnie Byanyima, who became executive director of Oxfam International in 2013, said she was saddened by what took place in 2010 and that it could not happen under systems and rules put in place since. Iraq says reconstruction after war on Islamic State to cost $88 billion runs Iraq’s Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations, told the conference. About 2.5 million Iraqis remain displaced by the fighting, he added. Nations could help by acting as guarantors with lenders, allowing Iraq to take out soft loans to fund infrastructure projects, Mahdi al-Alaq, the Secretary-General of Iraq’s Council of Ministers, told the conference, adding that there were preliminary indications that some states would do so.

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