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Compelling Creations 2018 Catalog

e you tiful Heartbeat is

e you tiful Heartbeat is my daughter Marissa’s favorite necklace. She loves to give Compelling Creations jewelry as gifts and she gave Heartbeat to her friend Hayley after her accident. I was excited to see that both girls wore them in their senior photos. I love to see both of my daughters and their friends wearing and sharing! - MELISSA EARLE Heartbeat 1 ½” wide Silver Style #201705 $38.95 Necklace is 18" long with extender. 27

NEW! Joy Suede Necklace 40” long Silver Style #27445 $44.95 HOW WILL YOU wearit& shareit? With our array of accessories, you can create different looks! Ask your Consultant to show you how. The Boomerang is shown on the Suede Kit to create a different style. Boomerang Pendant, see page 3. Suede Kit Style #3kit $14.95 Kit Includes: Instructions, 3 sterling silver beads, 36" of suede. 28

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