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Compelling Creations 2018 Catalog

Jill A NOTE FROM ... I

Jill A NOTE FROM ... I believe that a person's neck is like a personal billboard as a pendant hangs there throughout the conversation. Our pendants often begin the conversation! The spirit of our jewelry messages is universal, because everyone yearns to feel their worth, craves hope, and feels relief when they turn their worry over to a higher Power. Creating these designs and seeing the reaction to them has proven, to me personally, that deep down in every man, woman, and child is a fundamental belief in God. People of every faith and denomination have found comfort or encouragement in my designs. We welcome you into our Compelling Creations family. 1 Your purchase makes a difference... Your purchase helps transition women who have fallen victim to commercial sexual exploitation. By working with Compelling Creations to package our jewelry, these women are learning skills to empower them to live a healthy and sustainable life. LIKE @ CompellingCreations FOLLOW @ friendsandfaith FOLLOW @ compellingcreations SHARE @ compelling-creations WATCH @ compellingcreations PRAYER WALL

NEW! It's now easier than ever to interchange charms and pendants. SEE PAGE 29 You'll see these NEW chains throughout the catalog. Perfect for all ages. I love your faith jewelry! Not only is the quality exceptional, but I wear it with a purpose because I believe in, and live what it communicates. - KATRINA, SEATTLE, WA 2