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Compelling Creations 2018 Catalog

prayeris expressed in

prayeris expressed in many ways... 5 Pray Without Ceasing 1" long Silver Style #201319 $24.95 Adjustable Nickel Free Chain Included Great & Small 1 ½”at widest point Rhodium Style # r-201317 $38.95 Pennies from Heaven 1 ¾" long Silver Style #201318 $38.95 Rhodium Style # r-201318 $24.95

When you feel there’s nothing left to hold on to... hold these. B. A. There is a hole through the cross to insert a written prayer, thoughts, or a special note to someone. Each is packaged in a silver organza gift bag. C. Pewter Palm Crosses A. Plain #17113pc $16.95 B. Loved #17112pcl $16.95 C. Faith #17108pcf $16.95 6