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Vanguard Newspaper 13 February 2018

42—Vanguard, TUESDAY,

42—Vanguard, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018 Dilapidated PHCs in Imo Stat tate put lives es at risk Continued from Page 41 cannot boast of forceps,” she said. Asked if immunisation actually takes place at the centre, the source said although they do that every Wednesday, the challenge is that the women are not bringing out their children. “We usually use the town crier to go round the village for announcement; sometimes we go from house to house to tell them to bring their children but it remains a big challenge.” One striking thing in these communities is that there are no standard hospitals. Members of the communities are forced to travel to the capital, (Owerri) for treatment. Ngor Okpala is arguably the largest local government in Imo State. Every politician aspiring to be governor requires block votes to win, unfortunately, this part of Imo State lacks basic amenities including roads, potable water and functional hospitals. Few kilometres away was another health centre in Oritsieze Community also in Ozuzu autonomous community, Ngor Okpala LGA of Imo State. Facts reveal that the centre was built by Federal Government under the previous administration. This one is well adorned, freshly painted and built closed to the abode of the community’s late king. These health facilities meant to be the pillar of public health services are the curse instead. Getting to Umukoro/ Opehie Health Centre also in Ozuzu which took about 10 minutes drive with motorcycle, the sight of a fallen town hall surrounded by bush revealed the shameful and long neglect of primary health centres across the country. Although, there was nobody around the centre when Good Health Weekly visited, investigation showed that the centre is even worse than others. The structure wore a forlorn look of dilapidation and desolation. There is dirt everywhere. The surroundings, including the road leading up to the premises is overgrown with weeds. Umukoro/Opehie PHC. Inset: Waiting hall and failed part of the buidling. Signs of farming are obvious within the open vast land but a collapsed long section of the perimeter wall and roof remain unfixed. Arguably, PHCs are meant to provide services to people in search of medical care within their immediate environment, but no one needs a soothsayer to say that the people of Umukoro/Opehie community see the PHC as a let-down to them. One wonders how the few women that come for antenatal sit and wait to be attended to. The hospital has no doctor, drugs, running Adelusidelusi-Adeluyi deluyi seeks digital platforms to improve e patient outcomes By Sola Ogundipe H EALTHCARE professionals in the country have been urged to close ranks and move the health sector forward in the interest of enhancing the quality of health of the average Nigerian. They should also leverage communication and networking to boost the networth of healthcare by embracing the use of digital health platforms that will positively improve patient outcomes. Health practitioners at the launch of the IQVIA HCPSpace - a digital healthcare platform - in Lagos recently who called for these and other improvements in the sector said all hands should be on deck to salvage the industry. President, Nigerian Academy of Pharmacy, Prince Julius Adelusi- Adeluyi, who chaired the event, noted that IQVIA's HCPSpace is a bridgebuilding tool that will encourage collaboration water, chairs, tables and beds among others. Parts of the roofing have fallen off, while some parts are leaking. There is a nurse, but no pharmacist. Nigeria in 1978 adopted the World Health Organization’s declaration establishing Primary Health Centres as the basic unit of public health delivery system. Former Minister for Health, Late Professor Olikoye Ransome-Kuti, had in 1986 championed PHCs in Nigeria while the National Primary HealthCare Development Agency, NPHCDA was established in 1992, but among healthcare providers whilst driving efficiency, performance and capacity utilisation as well as innovation in the nation's health space as a whole by leading global provider of information, innovative technology solutions and human data science, IQVIA, formerly known as Quintiles IMS. "I would like to Parts of the roof ing have fallen off, while some parts are leaking. There is a nurse, but no pharmacist. commend IQVIA for trying to crack a problem that has remained with Nigeria for quite a while given the number of government committees that had been set up in the past to solve the challenge of interprofessional collaboration and promote harmony in the health space. judging from the quality of primary healthcare delivery in the country today, these efforts have not yielded the required results. The million dollar question that remained unanswered is why are our PHCs not functional? Imo Government reacts: When contacted, the Imo State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Angela Uwakwem, who admitted the poor state of health centres in the state said the problem was not peculiar to those communities . “We are in the process of trying to sort out health centres generally. We are doing what we call ‘Primary healthcare under one roof’. “So we want to strengthen the health centres. I had three meetings last week and I am going to call series of meetings and trainings aimed at making them better. I don’t think the problem is peculiar to that community alone but whichever way; we are appraising all the health centres so that we will know where we can help. We have told health officers to bring whatever problems they have’. On why there are no drugs in the centres, she said: “There are many things that are wrong and we are trying to reorganize L-R :Director, Technology Solutions, AMESA, IQVIA in Technology, Ravi Akelia; Country Manager, West Africa, IQVIA in General, Remi Adeseun; President, PSN, Pharm Ahmed Yakassai; President, NMA, Prof. Mike Ogirima; President, Nigerian Academy of Pharmacy, Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi; and Chairman, IQVIA HCPSpace Advisory Board, Dr. Femi Olugbile during the MOU signing at the official launch of the IQVIA HCPSpace in Lagos last week “This tool will be a blessing to the nation as it will radically alter Nigeria's health landscape for good and help to reduce unnecessary competition among professionals," Adelusi-Adeluyi stated. Chairman, IQVIA HCPSpace Advisory Board, Dr. Femi Olugbile, pointed to the growing the system. It’s not about Ngor Okpala. First of all, we are trying to assess the problems. Sometimes drugs are given to the people in charge and they sell them and do all sorts of things. Stating that the state has begun renovation of hospitals, she explained ‘We are trying to set up committees in the villages so that these committees can monitor what workers are doing. It’s a whole lot of reengineering. You know I was sworn in as commissioner within the last two months. We are trying to re-engineer everywhere but what we are doing first are hospitals to know who has what problem. Some communities have come up. Some have even done one or two renovations. Government is doing a lot of renovations.” She disclosed that about 27 health centres have undergone renovation and 10 new ones are being built. “As I speak to you, 27 health centres have undergone massive renovation and 10 new ones are being built. In some others we have bought equipment and some basic things are being given to them. So we are coming. It is a gradual process. We have also appealed to others to write out five things that they need. Just be patient with us, we are coming,” she stated. domestication of technology for personal and professional use across the world as well as creating a sense of team in community via multispecialty task performance and problem solving tools. He also noted that healthcare around the world faces imminent disruption as evidenced by an alliance announced recently by three heavyweights in Corporate America - e-commerce giants, Amazon, global multinational, Berkshire Hathaway and Investment bank, JPMorgan Chase. The HCPSpace provides solid benefits and gains in the healthcare sector across the world. "We are very confident that the IQVIA HCPSpace will help improve healthcare professional practice, patient experience and produce desired healthcare outcomes. “This is premised around the tool's great value proposition for individual and general development, knowledge sharing and relationship building.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018—43 Nigerian exper xperts worr orry over lack of access to treatment of heart t diseases •Inuagurate ACTSON to tackle problems By Chioma Obinna SURGEONS in the field of cardiovascular and thoracic medicine have raised the alarm over poor access to treatment and services in Nigeria, lamenting that only 2 per cent have access to treatment abroad while 98 percent stay at home and die. As a result, more Nigerians are dying from Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs)-a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels. The four main types of CVDs are cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes. Among others are coronary heart disease – disease of the blood vessels supplying the heart muscle which often causes heart attacks, and cerebrovascular disease – disease of the blood vessels supplying the brain, often leading to strokes. Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the newly launched Nigerian branch of Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons, ACTSON, a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon at the University of Enugu Teaching Hospital, Prof. Martin Aghaji, said a study showed that Nigeria is in dire need of improved cardiothoracic practice and survival rates. A FEW days ago, I was urinating and it was painful. It has continued ever since and I don’t sleep around unprotected – Gbemisola What you are describing sounds like urinary tract infection and it can be contracted in many ways including using the same toilet with someone who has it. It is easily treatable so just go to the hospital and see a doctor. Afterwards be very careful. If you are in a relationship or you live in a house with other people, let all those people go and get tested too. 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Foundation trains 1,000 healthcare volunteers By Gabriel Olawale IN its bid to reduce medical negligence among volunteers providing public health services, George Kerry Life Foundation, GKLF and Be-In-Health Foundation, BIHF are providing comprehensive training to volunteers. Speaking ahead of the capacity building exercise slated for February 16th to March 31st, 2018, Founder of GKLF, Dr. Matilda Kerry said in Nigeria with a population of over 180 million and an average ratio of two skilled healthcare workers to 1,000 Nigerians, so many needs would be unanswered without volunteers. Kerry explained that despite volunteer services being hugely beneficial, they have potential of causing serious harm and sometimes, even death of beneficiaries especially in situations where guidelines, supervision, monitoring and training are absent or seriously lacking. “If volunteers working in the humanitarian sector are equipped with fundamental tools needed for success in this field, we would record more success stories and enjoy better healthcare services. We are hence conducting a one day ethics and accountability in healthcare training workshop for 1,000 volunteers working in the humanitarian sector. “This training which is supported by Young African Leaders Initiative, the Mandela Washington Fellowship, US Consulate and Lagos PHC Board is scheduled to take place in Ikorodu, Badagry, Ikeja, Lagos Mainland, Lagos Island, Epe, and Victoria Island. COMMON SEXUAL PROBLEMS AND THEIR NOVELTY BASED SOLUTIONS (ADVERTORIAL) At 54 years of age, I no longer feel a sexual urge. 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So, there is need for us to galvanize and bring together the surgeons and cardiologists so that we can tackle this problem.” In his lecture entitled: Advancing Cardiothoracic Surgical Practice in Nigeria,” Aghaji identified medical errors as a problem and noted, aid preventing medical errors using checklist before surgery reduces medical errors by 35 percent deaths. “There is need for practitioners to prevent medical errors. If somebody has a heart attack there is a protocol for handling that. We want to unify how patients are handled because it saves life. If you don’t do that, you find out that patients are handled haphazardly and there is a lot of loss of lives.”