10 months ago

TheBizClub Feb Mag

We created this awesome B2B event where everyone who attended told us they…“Learned something new, Connected with other businesses, found something to Grow their business and even acquired new clients! This is exactly what we wanted to happen. This is our digital magazine to continue to Lean, Connect and Grow!”


THE BIZ CLUB EXPO AA you inteested? Many of you have asked, since we created The Biz Club Expo are we going to create an exclusive group where you can experience firsthand upscale business to business networking, education, products and services. Yes we are! All those who supported The Biz Club Expo from the start will be supported by us by continuing to publish your ad online until we create a new magazine for our fall expo. Many are interested in having us produce an exclusive golf outing with an amazing cocktail hour where everyone can network - golfers and non-golfers. Last but not least, there are some of you who would like small groups where you can be introduced to new technologies, marketing strategies, and be educated in what are the new trends in the business world. Please help us plan for the future...fill-out this basic questionnaire and click on send! Your Name ____________________________ Company Name _____________________________ __ Create a group that meets for breakfast __ Create a group that meets at lunchtime __ Create a group that meets after work __ Cocktail hour __ Dinner __ Both __ Let me know about your digital magazine for advertising __ I’m really interested in a spring golf outing __ I’m interested the amazing cocktail hour __ I’m interested in learning new things for my business __ I’m interested in other groups/networks to help further my business education Additional comments ______________________________________________________ CLICK TO FILL OUT Learn . Connect . Grow For more information contact - Sandy Okin at Studio O LLC 973.809.0029

We would like to thank our sr;>onsors for supporting our expo & conference. Microsoft RW-Barnabas HEALTH Honeywell JJJ 83 ffi.telecom THE POWER OF CONNECTED ~ SM FARMERS INSURANCE RAND, FEUER & KLEIN LLC GENERIC BRAND HUMAN MEDIA SPONSOR VICINITY MEDIA GROUP new york city The Biz Club Expo is created and produced by Studio 0 LLC