10 months ago

TheBizClub Feb Mag

We created this awesome B2B event where everyone who attended told us they…“Learned something new, Connected with other businesses, found something to Grow their business and even acquired new clients! This is exactly what we wanted to happen. This is our digital magazine to continue to Lean, Connect and Grow!”



THE BIZ CLUB EXPO T E S T I M O N I A L S Your Biz Club Expo was a success! Getting this together is a very big job and you pulled it off. I am sure that next year will be an even bigger and better event. This event is very helpful in getting business people together in the North Jersey area. Dan Pincus World Golf NetworK Thank you again for reaching out to me to participate on your event last night. I have to say that for your first time, it was an amazingly well organize event, deliberately great job done!We hope for next time to have more crowd, so please count with us again. Let get together sometime again, Claudia D. Business Developer Officer-Manager BCB Fairfield Sandy, the event was wonderful. I was thrilled to be included in it. CG We thought the pre-show networking luncheon was amazing...please do more of those! PC I wanted to reach out and say thank you for including Microsoft at Willowbrook to be a part of the event. The event was a big success for us and I hope for you as well. There was a photographer taking pictures during the event and he got some great shots of our table in action. Is there a way I can access those photos? Thanks! Dan Cantelmo Product Expert - Business Microsoft I feel so privileged to be included in this line up. It was an incredible event. Fabulous speakers and great attendees. Thank you and Congratulations to Sandy Okin & Donna Miller. Carrie Green Author, Speaker, Coach & Productivity Expert for Entrepreneurs This week I had the privilege of connecting and collaborating with other like-minded business professionals at The Biz Club Expo. It's always such a pleasure getting to spend time with our business community. A big thanks to Sandy Mark Okin at Studio O, LLC for putting together a great event and creating space for new connections to be made. Donna Miller Entrepreneur, Connector, Speaker, Small Business Expert, Educator - Helping Businesses to Start and Grow My colleagues and I attended your event and it was a great learning experience...we plan on exhibiting in the next expo. SF We look forward to collaborate with you in the spring to bring The Biz Club to another level! TJ What a powerhouse lineup of dynamic, engaging, and insightful industry expert speakers and table facilitators at the first ever Biz Club Expo & Conference in West Orange: Carrie Greene, Donna Miller, Tommy Hilcken, Sally Glick, Casey Carpenter, Valerie Paik, Holly Kaplansky, Susana Fonticoba, Patricia Singer, Julbert Abraham, MBA, Paul Hatrak,CPA,CGMA, Rafe Gomez, Jason Dukes, and Artem Lomaz, among others. Special thanks to Sandy Okin of Studio O, LLC, for producing this fantastic event, and Donna Miller of C3Workplace, for coordinating such amazing speakers. Yes thank you Sandy and Donna for such an inspiring event! Made some great contacts and for letting me be a part of such a fantastic event! Sara Greenhouse Generate Buzz, LLC