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Fitzgerald cont. from page 21 on ten movies.” Apart from a sound idea or vision, perhaps all that’s necessary is some software and a used camera. “For less than five grand you can have all the tools you need to go make a movie.” Of course, for a more polished look one might hire or consult with a director of photography or try and coax Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement. Maybe also you’ll want to see James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist,” which is an original and curious look at how amateur entrepreneur Tommy Wiseau created “The Room,” which critics and fans like to dub the worst movie ever made. Well, worst or not, everybody now knows about it, right? “The point is,” Fitzgerald says, “there are people turning to film as a tool of mass communication to create change in the world. With politics and education and the environment and social issues and gender issues there are so many issues now, and people are looking to film to get some answers.” A couple of points I would interject, one being that a filmmaker doesn’t necessarily have to show all sides of an issue, but people might shy away from out-and-out propaganda, and of course no one likes to be preached to, except perhaps the choir. Regarding point of view, is any film ever wholly objective? Some filmmakers don’t try, “This is my spin,” they’ll say. “Take it or leave it.” And that’s fine. “But there are filmmakers,” Fitzgerald notes, “that do want to show both stories,” so that we, the audience, can draw our own conclusions. “But I also think it depends on the goal: What is the goal for that particular movie?” It should also be pointed out that “cause cinema” or “social impact films” do not need to be documentaries but can be fictional or narrative films. Fitzgerald mentions “Moonlight” and “Mudbound,” “Schindler’s List” and “El Norte,” which no one would call documentaries even if they are rubbing shoulders with socially relevant topics. And then there’s someone like Werner Herzog who espouses the ecstatic or poetic truth as opposed to the accountant’s truth, the result being that his documentaries have a fictive element. But then, he’s Werner Herzog, and you’re… Who are you again? A bigger concern for the unenlightened public is this: What do I watch? It’s a celluloid jungle out there. “At the same time I was writing the book,” Fitzgerald says, “I started a company called Cause Cinema, and my intention is to bring more MATTUCCI Plumbing Since 1990 • License # 770059, C-36 C-34 C-42 D E P E N D A B L E • P R O F E S S I O N A L • A F F O R D A B L E w w w . m a t t u c c i p l u m b i n g . c o m WINTER SPECIALS $ 9 8 0 Residential Water Heater 40 gal. installed! ($1080 - 50 gal. also available) Includes hot & cold water supply lines Expires Februar y 28, 2018 awareness to a lot of these social impact movies that the big studios don’t release. You’re on Netflix and Amazon and HBO, and you’re looking through all these carousels, through hundreds of movies. (There are) between 100 and 200 at any given time in the documentary carousels, so how do you know which ones to watch? “With Cause Cinema, I want to guide people to the best of these movies. So, I started a podcast and I’m going to do a blog, all of that with ‘Filmmaking for Change.’” Start early, stay late All of which leads us to VistaMar, the private high school in El Segundo with less than 300 students, which has put up new buildings and created an exploratory arts program, part of what is being called the Creative Commons. Now they have state-of-the-art film, music, FULL SERVICE PLUMBING SEWER VIDEO INSPECTION ROOTER SERVICE COPPER REPIPES $ 7 5 Rooter Service - Main Line Must have clean-out access. Some restrictions may apply. Expires Februar y 28, 2018 F R E E E S T I M A T E S M e n t i o n t h i s a d w h e n s e t t i n g u p a p p o i n t m e n t . 3 1 0 . 5 4 3 . 2 0 0 1 and theater rooms, plus the latest equipment and gear. “I taught ‘Filmmaking for Change’ in the fall,” Fitzgerald says, and as part of the initial exploratory arts program had 15 students in his class. They’re about to move from the theoretical to the practical. “I’m doing a filmmaking course, where kids are actually going to be able to put their hands on a camera and make a short film by the end of the semester.” Hollywood, watch out, you may soon have competition. Jon Fitzgerald will be talking about “Filmmaking for Change” on Saturday, Jan. 27, from 11 a.m. to noon, at the Redondo Beach Main Library. For more information about Fitzgerald, his efforts and accomplishments, go to or B Thank You For Your Vote! 2013 ON CALL 24 HOURS 7 DAYS Buying or Selling “Since 1992” Don Ruane Serving the South Bay Beach Cities and beyond Office: 310.546.3441 Cell: 310.643.6363 Email: DRE#01036347 January 18, 2018 • Easy Reader / Beach magazine 27