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On the Edge of TIme

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Choose from adult, youth, and child lesson guides! It’s found in the Bible. Free Bible Study Guides for the Entire Family! Enrich your personal devotions. Grow spiritually. Find answers. You will find these user-friendly Bible study guides an indispensable resource for your personal and group Bible study. If you’ve never studied the Bible before or if you’ve been a lifetime Bible student, these easy-to-follow lesson guides are sure to increase your knowledge, love, and understanding of the Scriptures. Covers the major teachings of the Bible, including: • How to find personal salvation • What happens when you die • Signs of Christ’s soon return • Armageddon, the antichrist, and the mark of the beast • What Jesus is doing right now • Living in an age of deception • Finding the best in life • Heaven is for real To receive your FREE Bible Study Guides by mail, complete and return the enclosed order card or write: PROJECT: Steps to Christ, PO Box 131, Fort Covington, NY 12937 or enroll and study online at

  • Page 1 and 2: On the of Preparing for the Crisis
  • Page 60 and 61:

    Events of a most startling nature a

  • Page 62:

    Are you legally blind? Christian Re

  • Page 120:

    hen you think of “God,” what i

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The Great Controversy Ended by Ellen White
Time Of the End - English 2002. - Bible Sabbath