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100 understands, "the

100 understands, "the secrets required to energize the Oglala magic can only be carried out while in Paesre." "What are the other powers? Katipo has a ring just like mine. Why doesn't she ---?" Nous interrupts, "We have seen Katipo talking with the Raven. They will soon be seeking help from Carl Drinkwater and Nigel and anyone else they think will help find the Crest. "Carl, but he's just ---" "I will tell you who is conspiring to use the Crest, and I will instruct you in the use of your powers." Nous looks at Xandr, "You too have powers, but not like Anza." Anza looks quizzically at Nous, "Why doesn't he," pointing at Anon, "wave his arms or something and take care of all of this?" "The creator has given all humans free will. What has been done by humans has to be undone by humans." Nous looks at the boys, "You must team up in order to save both your worlds. It is time for your lessons. I will join you soon." Nous turns for a blessing from the Immortal Unknown. With the palms of his hands facing up, Anon raises his arms and slowly lowers them turning his palms downward while nodding his head. Nous bows and turns around to meet the Stellar Bubble Craft, which has stopped two feet above the transparent floor. Nous moves inside, and the Craft slowly moves away. The Grey Forms turn and sail upright a little above the floor to the massive pair of crystal doors signaling for the boys to follow.

101 Anza and Xandr trans-dimensionally travel to a place high atop a cloud covered mountain peak. A light breeze dissipates a portion of the clouds exposing a pathway to a multi colored crystal edifice. Anza looks at the Grey Forms, "How did we get here so fast?" "It is an advanced form of quantum teleportation," replies the Female Grey Form. "What's that mean?" Xandr asks. "Simply put, you got here by receiving our thoughts, and then you think of this place subconsciously. As you can see, those thoughts brought you here." "We can fly ... uh; I mean we can travel to places like this just by thinking about it? How do both Anza and me ... I ... do that ... think about traveling to the same place at the same time?" "You are counterparts with entangled protons that we sent to you. The protons perform a polarization measurement whose outcome links you together. Entanglement is a consequence of quantum mechanics as it relates to teleportation. "Sorry I asked." "In order to understand you must Paesre. Go inside. Nous will join you in a moment." "What do we do now?" Xandr asks Anza. "That Grey guy said we are linked together. So, let's point our rings and see if anything happens." "Aren't you afraid?" "What the worst that can happen? We get ourselves zapped back home. Ready… set … point."

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