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102 The boys point their

102 The boys point their Magical Transfer Rings at the mountain peak and the facets of the crystal surface vibrate creating a melodious movement. They stand in awe as the sparkling crystals separate creating a surprisingly soft and inviting opening. "It works," Xandr exclaims, "now what?" "We go inside. Come on," Anza leads the way. The cloud-like doorway slowly closes behind them. The boys creep in and look around in wonderment. The walls, floor and ceiling appear to be made of a translucent cloud-like substance with the exterior crystal surface shining through. Celestial music is everywhere. Soft ambient light is constantly changing, white, green, light blue, lavender. Suddenly all restraints are magically removed and they start running here and there. They jump … twirl, and laugh hysterically. They stop as quickly as they started and look at each other. Xandr speaks first, "Where are we?" "I don't know, heaven, maybe." "We can't be in heaven. You have to be dead to go to heaven. Are we dead?" "I don't think so. Nous said it's time for our lessons about Paesre." "Why do I have to learn? You're the Chosen One." "Don't know, but Nous said we must team-up," he grabs Xandr's arm. "What's it like in your world?" The boys walk to a flower covered surreal platform. They sit on a stone bench that seems to be as soft as a feather bed.

103 They tell each other about their world. Anza finishes telling about Earth, "So we're almost the same." "Yeah, but you've got all those new gadgets and stuff." "You have the same stuff; they just look different." Nous enters floating toward them stopping a short distance away. Anza asks, "What is this place?" "It is my home; the Province of Acceptance. This is where you will learn Paesre, and about your powers. It is time ..., as you perceive it. We will start with the powers of your Magical Transfer Rings. I will demonstrate some of what you can do as a team. Look there." Nous extends a hand. A green ray from its finger shines on the floor, an opening appears with a holographic image of Carl Drinkwater and the Sheng Chi Master sitting under a Cedar Tree. We hear them talking. "Why do we have to sit under this tree?" asks Carl. "You do not have to sit here, but it is safe for me when I am here with you. The Crest you have stolen is from the other world, which has caused a big problem." "What does that have to do with where I sit? Besides I had nothing to do with it coming here from the other world." "The one that wrongfully has the Sacred Crest on this planet is subject to lightning strikes. This Cedar Tree, the Axis Mundi, can never be struck by lighting." "There's not a cloud in the sky." "It is said that the Thunder Beings can appear at any time to avenge a serious wrong doing." "Never mind them old stories. Let's get on with it."

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