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104 The Sheng Chi Master

104 The Sheng Chi Master raises his arms and goes into a trance. Thunder blasts through the countryside with lightning striking everywhere, all around the Cedar Tree. Carl looks scared, "What's happening?" "It is the Thunder Beings." Carl jumps when the lighting strikes close. He scrambles back as the old master lowers his arms. "Did you call for the thunder and lighting old man?" The Sheng Chi Master extends his arms comfortably with the palms of his hands facing upward as if to receive heavenly manna and smiles. "It is the way of the Thunder Beings." Nous closes the holographic image and opening. The green ray disappears from his fingertip, "You have the same power when you are joined together. We will continue later. The Sheng Chi Master has deceived them. In due course, they will find out what he has done. We must hurry." "What are we supposed to learn so we can save our planet?" the boys say in unison. Surprised they look at each other, then to Nous. "You are experiencing the unity of your nature. We must go deeper into the Province of Acceptance."

105 Chapter Ten Paesre We see Anza, Xandr and Nous move away. Solo attempts to follow, but is reminded that our Spacecraft cannot pass beyond Ojas. However, we can hear the lesson Nous is teaching Anza and Xandr. Anza and Xandr are deep in a place they will soon realize to be the essence of the Provence of Acceptance. They begin to experience each other in an unusual form; something outside their three-dimensional worlds. They appear the same, but strangely different. They seem to be in one place, then in another place at the same time. They instantly accept, without any trepidation, the weird and wonderful phenomenon. Nous senses they have developed the ability to grasp a fourth dimension, "As three-dimensional beings, you perceive time only as a result of memory. If you had zero memory, you could not detect time and you would exist only for the moment." "Will something happen to our memory, like we forget our family and friends?" asks Xandr. "You will learn to exist as four-dimensional beings while you perform your task to save your planets. Time seems like a straight line going on forever to the threedimensional being. As a four-dimensional being you can simply go from where you are to any other place while remaining where you are because you can perceive the fourth dimension."

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