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106 Anza looks enlightened, "So, if I go from one spot to another, and I'm still in the same spot then I won't know I moved because I'm everywhere at once. Paesre?" "Yes. Paesre is the past, present and future combined. In the three-dimensional state, you would consider time as infinite, but in the fourth dimension, it is finite. There is more, but you do not need to know all the quantum aspects to accomplish your task. Your family and friends will continue to be the same as before your transition between the third and fourth dimensions." "When do we get started?" asks Xandr. "You started when you transitioned Ojas and began your acceptance here in the Province; you are there and here simultaneously." "Cool," the boys sing out in concert. "We will begin the mental exercises necessary for you to Paesre at will." "What do we do?" They ask in harmony as if they are one. "Knowledge of the Conscientiousness of the Ages is foremost in your lesson today." "Why is it important to know this before we learn about the trans-travel?" "To know about conscientiousness is fundamental to what you will be doing, but to understand is necessary." "Okay, so what is it all about?" Anza asks. "Through the ages humans have survived through many difficult situations that required changes to what they thought to be unchangeable circumstances." "What did they do?"

107 "Simply put; they became an orderly and industrious society with a sense of responsibility, self-control and they established social traditions." "So survival is not the only driving force." "That is correct, but in your task to save your world, you must use a certain amount of organization, persistence, control and motive. Now we will begin the meditation process so you will Paesre at will. Ready?" "Yes," responds the synchronized boys.

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