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108 Chapter Eleven The

108 Chapter Eleven The Forest of Understanding Anza and Xandr complete their acceptance of Paesre and the art of Trans-Dimensional Travel and are ready to be put to the test by Nous. "Clear your minds of all memory," sensing their state, "good, now become one with the universe," a short pause and, "be on Planet Theia; at the Softwind Farm Stable." Anza and Xandr stand quiet with their eyes closed and instinctively point their ring fingers toward Theia. A lavender glow surrounds them. They dematerialize and instantly find themselves materializing in the deep of the night in the Softwind farm stable. Astonished, they feel to see if they are real. When Anza and Xandr dematerialized, they left a shadowy image of themselves as Solo turns our Spacecraft away from Ojas. There is an instantaneous power surge and we trans-dimensionally travel to Theia. We get there as the boys materialize. Our duplicates remain until Phir and Emera transition to Earth and Theia simultaneously; then we will join our originals on Theia. Anza looks around, "What is this place?" "It's our stable; 'Runs like the Wind' used to stay here. This is where it all started when Tunksila put a spell on the stableboy, and sent him to your world. Will we get in trouble with both of us here at the same time?" "Tunksila? Your grandfather?"

109 "Yes." "Nous said when we Paesre and Trans-Dimensionally travel we are in harmony with the Universe." "So-o-o, we're not gonna get in trouble. Right, oh Chosen One?" "Right; don't call me that, we're in this together." "Ok. So what's next?" "Where do you go to understand what's happening?" "The Forest of Understanding; let's go." * * * * * * * Phir and Emera are watching Anza and Xandr as they disappear. The Male Grey Form motions to them. "You must return home." Phir and Emera follow the Grey Forms to the Crystal Doors and stop when the Grey Forms turn back for approval. Anon gestures and the doors open. They follow the Grey Forms through the opening. The doors close behind them. The Female Grey Form puts her arms around Emera, and the Male Grey Form does the same with Phir. A gentle force surrounds them and they travel through a space-time continuum guided to Theia and Earth simultaneously with their Greys. Phir and the Male Grey Form arrive at the Qi Farmhouse. The Male Grey Form leaves Earth returning to his home. Emera and the Female Grey Form arrive next to the Softwind stable as Anza and Xandr run out. The Female Grey Form leaves Theia returning to her home. "Boys, boys," shouts Emera Softwind as the Female Grey Form dematerializes. The boys stop in their tracks.

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