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112 The squirrels

112 The squirrels disappear. Anza and Xandr run into the forest with the cousins close behind. An incredible wind howls behind them closing the entrance to the Forest of Understanding. "What's happening?" asks a scared Little Bear. "This has never happened before," replies Xandr. He looks at Anza. "Any ideas?" "They haven't been here in the Forest." "No, I mean yes they haven't." The trees start to close in on them like something or someone is pushing from outside. They come closer and closer almost taking the air away. Then the oak and pine trees start raining acorns and pinecones. The kids are scared. "What's next? Are we gonna die?" asks Payta. Suddenly a massive pine tree starts shooting pine needles all around them. Instinctively, Anza points his Magical Transfer Ring and creates a Floating Battle Shield that moves around at his silent command deflecting the attacking missiles. "Everyone stand still," commands Anza. He looks around and sees three paths. He must make a choice. A narrow pathway covered with lavender colored leaves on the ground seems to beckon him. He points his Bow and the Pathway and it speaks, "Follow me." They move slowly as the trees reach out grabbing at the cousins. Grabbed by an oak tree branch, Anza's Battle Shield becomes useless. Anza commands, "Walk between Xandr and me. Stay close."

113 After what seems like an eternity, they come to a clearing. The acorn and pinecone bombardment stops, and the lavender leaves raise up forming a shield from the pine needle bullets. A silver circle appears around the clearing at the bottom of the lavender shield. In the center is a single eighty foot tall Axis Mundi Cottonwood Tree where the squirrels are waiting. Posi calls out, "Come here, under the Safe Tree." The kids run to the cover of the Cottonwood. Posi points up through a small opening in the trees, "Look." The Stellar Bubble Craft swoops down through the opening and hovers as Nous gets out. The Craft speeds away as Nous floats above the ground. The cousins gasp in bewilderment. The dazed Yellow Flower asks, "What ... who?" "It's Nous," answers Xandr, "I'll tell you later." Nous commands, "The squirrels must leave." The white squirrel makes a 'who me' mime, while the black squirrel morphs into a big Black Squirrel Growling Monster. Anza looks at him, "Good grief, not you too." Nous points a Green Ray and the squirrels disappear. Nous continues, "You have seen where the problem started here on Theia. You must go to Earth, find the Sacred Oglala Crest and transport it back here along with the horse and the others." Xandr looks concerned, "Is it too late for the White Calf Woman ceremony?"

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