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116 es on the cheek with

116 es on the cheek with a soft, "Goodnight, I love you." Anza waves goodnight and they continue to Xandr's room. Xandr's parents sing out in unison, "Goodnight Anza." The boys sit on Xandr's bed and discuss their plans. "Tomorrow we go to Earth," Anza whispers, "but first we must read the Tome of Legends." "We have to wait until mom and dad goes to bed before we can go to my Chamber Obscura."

117 Chapter Twelve The Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes After a little while, Xandr sneaks out, and comes back with a big smile and a handful of cookies, "We can go now," handing Anza some cookies. The boys are surprised to see Emera waiting in the Chamber Obscura. "Are you boys ready?" Anza looks around, "This looks just like my Chamber Obscura except for the podium and the stuff on the walls." Anza, Xandr and Emera stand at the podium, Anza on the left, Xandr on the right, Emera behind. Xandr points his left hand ring finger at the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. The pages glow and begin turning until the words and diagrams from the Tome of Legends appear. Xandr asks, "Where do you want it to stop?" Anza answers quickly, "We can only read some of it without the Sacred Oglala Crest or the Cosmic Eye Medallion. Let's see where it stops." Emera instructs Xandr, "You must put your hand with the ring on the glowing page." "Just me? Anza is the ---" "Left hand on the page," Emera says with a stern look. Xandr meekly places his left hand on the glowing page, which is on the Chronicle's right side. The left side page glows. Both sides of the Chronicle are glowing.

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