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118 Emera nudges

118 Emera nudges Anza, "Put your hand with the ring on the other page." Anza looks at Xandr. Determined, he places his right hand on the left page. There is a small rumbling sound followed by some 'oh-oh what's happening music'. A soft melodious voice comes from the Chronicle. "I am the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. I have many secrets. What do you wish to know?" Anza and Xandr look at each other in disbelief. "What are you? Is there someone in there? How can you talk?" asks Xandr. "I am the Voice of Instruction." Anza interjects, "We want to learn how to send the Sacred Oglala Crest and 'Runs like the Wind' and the Raven and some bad guys back here where they belong." The Chronicle's glow intensifies, shimmers; it speaks, "To move the Sacred Oglala Crest trans-dimensionally you must energize its counterpart." Anza asks, "What counterpart? Where is it?" "It is the Cosmic Eye Medallion and is hidden in the podium in the Qi Chamber Obscura on Planet Earth." "But it's all glass. There's no place to hide it." "You must use your Magical Transfer Ring and ask the Podium to reveal the Cosmic Eye Medallion. Then summon me through the Tome of Legends. I will instruct you what to do next. Go with haste." Anza and Xandr remove their hands from the book. The Chronicle's glow dissipates and the music stops. Anza sings, "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Earth we go."

119 A mysterious force captures us and guides us to our seats in our spacecraft. Aboard Totfote and without any action from Solo or Duo we instantly find ourselves landing on Earth. Our Starcruiser dematerializes near the old barn. Our duplicates remain on Theia.

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