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120 Chapter Thirteen

120 Chapter Thirteen Masquerade We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor and the Space-Between Dimensions. Daiyu and Katipo are watching the Cosmos Comprehender. An image of Anza and Xandr in the Softwind Chamber Obscura is center screen. Daiyu looks sternly at Katipo, "You must contact the Sheng Chi Master. Get him on your side. Convince him to help you get the Crest from Gray Wolf and Nigel so you can return it to Theia." "He will be suspicious. He knows who I am." "Take the form of Meilin. Make him believe it's to help the children, and of course, to save the world." "He must know that the Raven must go with the horse and Crest as well as Gray Wolf and his band of Indians. What shall I promise him?" "As Meilin ... you can't promise anything. You must plead with him for the best of, well, use your charm." "You have not taught me the art of supplication." Daiyu looks at Katipo with a master's glance while he points for her to leave. Katipo bows and steps back. She stretches her arms out in front as she turns away, clicks her bracelets together forming radiant circles, and with a flash she zooms up and away towards Earth.

121 * * * * * * * Solo manipulates the keypad as we set our sights on the Stellar Monitor and view the Residence of the Most High on the four-dimensional Planet of Anon. Anon stands with his back to us watching the Cosmos Comprehender as the screen zooms in showing Katipo in flight. Two Grey Forms stand at his left. "You must intercept Katipo." The Grey Forms bow and dematerialize. With a swift move of fingers on the Prompter keypad, Solo inputs the Earth view where we see the Sheng Chi Master sitting Buddha style in the meadow. The Grey Forms materialize looking like humans. The Sheng Chi Master smiles, "I was wondering when you would arrive." The Grey Forms stop abruptly putting their hands together as if in prayer, and bow to the Master intoning in unison, "Honorable Sheng Chi Master." The Female Grey Form speaks, "We are here to intercept Katipo and keep her from getting the Sacred Oglala Crest from Gray Wolf and Nigel Churchill." "Katipo? Hmm. What does she want with the Crest? Of course, of course, it is clear. Daiyu wants to use the power of the Sacred Crest to gain control on Theia." The Male Grey Form responds. "Katipo will appear to you as Meilin, begging you to convince Gray Wolf and Nigel to give the Sacred Oglala Crest to her." "To what avail?" "She wants you to support her claim to shower them with riches."

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