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122 "But, she does not

122 "But, she does not have the power." "Gray Wolf and Nigel do not know that." "Gray Wolf thought I have magical powers to send them back to Theia. I misled him to believe I could not, and that he needs to find another way. He will certainly seek out Tian yì to do that." "Tian yì has just learned of his power to send the Crest and 'Runs like the Wind' back to Theia. But, he wants to keep the horse for himself on Earth." "Does he know the horse and raven must be returned with the Sacred Crest?" * * * * * * * Katipo lands in the meadow not far from where the Grey Forms landed. She looks around and sees the Sheng Chi Master and the Grey Forms in the distance. She morphs into Meilin Bancroft-Qi wearing her earth costume; blue jeans, a jacket over her blouse, a cowboy hat and boots and walks to the road a few moments after the Grey Forms leave the Sheng Chi Master. The Grey Forms, dressed as evangelical humans, walk in the center of the road with bibles and purposely block Katipo-Meilin as they come upon her. Katipo-Meilin courteously steps aside to allow the Grey Forms to pass, but they sidestep causing her to stop. The Male Grey Form raises his hand holding a bible. "You should not continue. There is danger that way." "What danger? I see nothing but an empty road." "You are Meilin, mother of the boy Anza. We have come from beyond, down the road," he points, "there are people that want to steal what you have, and will hurt you to get it."

123 The Female Grey Form intercedes, "Come sister, we will walk with you. You will be safe with us." "Safe? But I ---" "Not to worry." "How do you know of Anza, and what do these dangerous people want of me?" "They know of his ... abilities. Come." The Grey Forms position themselves on each side, holding her arms, and escort the reluctant Katipo-Meilin to the Qi farmhouse. Katipo-Meilin struggles and finally pulls away from the Grey Forms as they reach the Qi farmhouse. "Go away, leave me. I am home. I will be safe." Phir hears the ruckus and looks out the window. He sees Katipo-Meilin and the Grey Forms. He looks back to see Meilin sitting at the table. A surprised look comes over his face as he looks back out the window. The Grey Forms attempt to stop Katipo-Meilin as she struggles away. She finally frees herself from their restraint and reaches under her jacket. She clicks on her belt buckle, raises her hands above her head and pulls the imaginary converter down the length of her body, and morphs back into Katipo wearing her Latrodectus outfit. Phir asks himself, 'Where is Anza?' Katipo stretches her arms out in front and clicks her bracelets together. An energy field broadcasts radiant circles as she raises her arms and zooms up and away. The Grey Forms look at each other with dismay.

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