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124 Chapter Fourteen

124 Chapter Fourteen Cosmic Eye Medallion Anza and Xandr are standing at the podium in the Chamber Obscura on Earth. Anza points his Ring at the Podium and nothing happens. Xandr questions Anza, "Aren't you 'sposed to ask it to show us the medallion?" "Oh yeah," he points at the podium, "show the medallion," he looks at Xandr bewildered. "It isn't doing anything." "Cosmic Eye. You gotta tell it to show the cosmic eye medallion." "The words were different. It wasn't show," he thinks, "it was," he puts his hands on the sides of his head and shakes his head as if to rattle the answer loose from his brain, "reveal, that's it." He points his ring finger again. "Reveal the Cosmic Eye Medallion." The Podium starts shaking for a few moments and stops as quickly as it started. A blue light shines from a point in the podium immediately below the glass top. Anza sees the Cosmic Eye Medallion glowing inside the Podium supporting shaft. "Ok. So now what?" Anza asks. "We gotta ask the book to ---" "Ri-i-ight. I s'pose we gotta do the hands-on-the-bookthing again."

125 Anza positions himself on the left side and Xandr stands on the right. Anza starts the ritual by pointing his Ring finger at the Tome of Legends. The pages turn and suddenly stop leaving the left side page aglow. Anza carefully places his Ring finger on the left glowing page and the right side page begins to glow. "Your turn." Xandr slowly places his ring finger on the glowing page on the right side of the Tome. The familiar rumbling sound followed by the 'oh-oh what's happening music' begins. A soft melodious voice coming from the large white book interrupts the music. "I am the Tome of Legends. I have many secrets. What do you wish to know?" Anza and Xandr look at each other in awe. Anza talks to the Tome of Legends, "You sound just like the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes." "We are the same, but different. Do you wish to speak with the Chronicle?" "Yes. We want to use the Cosmic Eye Medallion to find the Sacred Oglala Crest." "We will instruct you. You will be speaking to the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes in the other world. You must speak to it in your native language." Anza speaks to the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes in Chinese, 'How do I use the Cosmic Eye Medallion?' "Wo rúhé shiyòng yuzhòu zhi yan jiangzhang?" The Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes responds through the Tome of Legends in English, "Point your Transfer Ring at the podium, and command it to release the Cosmic Eye Medallion."

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