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128 "There is more to it

128 "There is more to it than just having the Crest." "More? What?" "The Crest is only powerful if you know how to read the inscriptions." "What Inscriptions"? "Look," he points at the Crest, "on the edges. There are ancient inscriptions that can only be deciphered with the Cosmic Eye Medallion that Anza has, together with the corresponding codes in the Tome of Legends." "My Magical Transfer Ring will allow me to read the secrets of the Tome of Legends." "It will give you access, but no secrets." Katipo touches the Abstract Data Recorder on her Belt Buckle, looks down at the Raven with a sinister smile. "Do you know how to read the inscriptions?" "I know the secret. You need me." He lies. "What makes you think I need you?" "You need what I know," the nervous bird compounds his falsehood, "there's more. You must have the Cosmic Eye Medallion on Earth. The real power is to have both the Crest and the Medallion." "You think I need both?" "The Tome of Legends here and the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes on Theia work together as one." "Where do I find the Medallion?" "The Chosen One has it." Katipo swirls her Cloak about herself and disappears. * * * * * * *

129 Anza and Xandr sit on the straw covered floor inside a Circle of Stones. Anza looks down at the stones, "I gotta get away from all this stuff." "But you've gotta find the Crest and get it back with the saddle and my horse and ---" "I'm going for a ride." Anza jumps up, walks to the Bronze Statue. The statue stands rigid. Suddenly its eyes open. Anza closes his eyes and points his ring finger at the horse, "Lái shenghuó ... lái shenghuó." The Bronze Statue sheds its metal coat and comes alive. The horse extends his foreleg scratching the barn floor and walks to Anza. Anza climbs on a hay bale, mounts the horse and rides out. Anza races the horse down the dirt road. Suddenly a swirl of dust appears a short distance away. Anza reins in. The swirl becomes Katipo's cloak slowly revealing Katipo. "Hello Anza." Katipo points her right hand ring finger at Anza lifting him from his horse guiding him slowly to the ground. "How do you know my name? Who are you?" "I am called Katipo. I am from the Space-Between Dimensions." "Space between? What do you want with me?" "Something is missing from your horse's saddle," she points, "there, on the side. See?" Anza does not look. Katipo puts her hand beneath her belt buckle drawing it back out. She slowly opens her

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