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12 Katipo was born of

12 Katipo was born of Chinese-Lakota ancestry in a forbidden interaction between occupants of the parallel planets who met on the four-dimensional world Eartheia. Her parents of high political stature traveled from Earth and Theia respectively to attend a yearlong Interplanetary Leadership Council. Her parents had to return to their respective planets when the conference was completed; Katipo remained on Eartheia, because to live on either planet without a counterpart would cause an imbalance. Eartheia was inhabited by wayward Karmic beings from both planets serving as keepers of the Karmic causality records and Council Chambers. Anon reinstated these beings as composite Ea'ians, which populated the planet He renamed after Himself. At the time of Katipo's birth Daiyu, with restored karma, was in good favor with the Immortal Unknown and raised her as his daughter on Anon with his human wife Wachiwi. After Wachiwi passed, Daiyu reverted to the way of the Zgach and was exiled once more to the Space-Between taking the child Katipo with him. Born in the fourth dimension allows Katipo 'limited-time visits' to either planet without causing imbalance. RSR is not allowed for Space-Between Dimensions or four-dimensional inhabitants. * * * * * * * The Black Jade throws a Thunderbolt at the raven and statue changing them into fluid forms. "The sacred crest is mine for the taking," he says turning his head away with a sinister smile as he commands Katipo. "You will go to Earth and retrieve it." * * * * * * * We, the invisible interlopers, are amazed.

13 Solo, our pilot asks, “What just happened?” As his Universal Portal Prompter materializes, Duo, the navigator, replies, “Let’s see,” Duo’s fingers move like a flash over the futuristic keypad. The screen is scanning through a variety of images and captures a threedimensional event of a raven and the bronze statue of a horse traveling in space; multi-snapping at the screen in an attempt to jump out of the Prompter. The trans-dimensional happening is destined for the Twenty-first Century mid-western U. S. A. Planet Earth. With a brilliant flash of light and thunderous clap, the fluid bronze statue of the horse, 'Runs like the Wind', and the raven pass through the roof of an abandoned barn on the Qi Farm. Our Starcruiser materializes. Suddenly without a word from our pilot or navigator the Universal Portal Prompter expands, sucking us into it with a zap, we are auto-secured in the quasi-invisible XR trans-tension restraint system and we find ourselves traveling through a space-time continuum arriving on Planet Earth simultaneously with the raven and bronze horse. Totfote dematerializes as it did before, the XR restraints release, but this time we become semifluid beings that can move through walls to observe the happenings without being noticed, leaving us disorientated and wondering what is going to happen next. The fluid statue materializes as it lands in the center of the room with a thunderous clap and a brilliant flash of light. The raven is close behind landing in the rafters. * * * * * * * In an adjacent meadow, a synchronistic winter day on the Planet Earth, thirteen-year-old Anza Qi and his cousin Qingling, also thirteen are riding their horses and hear the deafening sound.

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