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130 hand with the Crest.

130 hand with the Crest. Anza looks at the Crest without emotion. "It looks like an old piece of junk. The saddle doesn't need that, besides ---" "Don't play innocent with me. I know where that horse is from, and where it belongs. It --" "He's my horse, and he belongs here with me." "February 29th will soon be here, and you must send him and the saddle back to the other world. Oh, and don't forget that despicable raven. He must go too." "Why are you telling me this?" "I'll trade the Crest for your Medallion." "Medallion? I've gotta go." "Let me know when you want the Crest. Tell the Grey Forms ... they'll know how to find me." "I gotta go." Katipo points her ring finger at Anza. Lifting him slowly and gently positioning him on the saddle. "Later!" Katipo swirls the cloak around herself and disappears. The horse rears, Anza jams both heels into his sides and they gallop away. * * * * * * * Anza is lying on his bed and hears the 'start-the-race' trumpet sound. He sits up and sees the Oracle Frame glowing. He puts his ring on and taps the screen. Xandr appears, "Hi Anza." "Hi. Are you back home?"

131 "Yes. Nous showed me how to travel here by myself. One minute I was there, and then I am home. Did you find the Crest?" "I met this person from the Space-Between Dimensions; she has the Crest, and wants to trade it for the Medallion." "She has the Crest? Whose side is she on?" But, we saw the raven get it. "I'm not sure. She didn't seem like a bad guy. Ya know, I think she's the same one that pretended to be my mother a few days ago. Besides, she has a ring like ours, and can do magic stuff." "Magic? What kind of magic stuff?" "She pointed her ring and lifted me off my horse, and later put me back." "Can we do that kind of magic?" "I don't know; haven't tried yet." "So, how does she know about the Medallion and why does she want the Crest?" "I don't know, but time is running out. And, and ... I'm so-o-o confused; the raven ... Nigel ... Gray Wolf ... now this person from wherever. I gotta talk to Yeye. Later!" Anza turns the Oracle off. With a baffled look he raises his head, "Why me?" Expecting an answer and not getting one he pulls the covers back and slides under. He tosses and turns with visions of the Earth exploding like his previous dream. Finally, he goes into a deep and different kind of sleep traveling outside of his body into the depths of outer space. Solo is studying the Stellar Monitor, looks over to Duo and says, "Something is happening to Anza in his sleep. He