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132 is trans-dimensionally traveling without knowing. This could be dangerous for him." "We need to track him and see where he goes." Duo works his magic bringing Anza's sleep travel up on the Stellar Monitor where we see him tumbling and tossing as he rockets through meteorite infested deep space on what seems like an endless trip past the fourdimensional world to the Space-Between Dimensions. "Yeow!" he screams as he barely escapes a huge meteor on an apparent collision course with him. Suddenly aware of the danger, he readies his flight to avoid the oncoming projectiles. His trans-dimensional travel slows to a mere mach one jet speed as the incredible journey comes to a sudden end. The bewildered Anza lands with a thud on a firm cloud-like floor. He shakes off his fear and gets up to find himself standing ten feet in front of the Black Jade with Katipo at his side. The space is as nondescript as any semi-transparent enclosure could be with the blackness of outer space encircling everything. "What is this place?" "You surely remember me," Katipo interjects. The thirteen year old boy inspects Katipo, but his eyes soon become transfixed on the awesome figure of the Black Jade, "You," he directs his question, "who and what are you?" The Black Jade spreads his wings to show his power, and quickly aims at a point near to where Anza is standing releasing a mild lightning bolt to frighten him, "I am Daiyu, the ruler of the planets." He snaps another bolt stopping it short of Anza's midsection. With a move of his hand, he

133 raises him up and guides him closer as he sits on his colossal throne of gilded wood. Anza struggles with the overpowering invisible restraints. "Let me go." Daiyu wiggles his index finger lowering his captive with a thud. "Thanks for nothing; you overgrown parasite." The Black Jade glances at Katipo, "The Chosen One has a lot of spunk." Katipo nods in agreement. Daiyu roars with an obnoxiously loud laugh as he looks down on Anza. "Overgrown," he pauses, "not big enough, but powerful enough to suck the blood from your earthly form." Katipo is shocked to hear the abusive discourse and whispers, "You must not hurt him." Daiyu, not accustomed to confrontation from his protégé, growls, "What would you have me do?" Daiyu gestures sending a magnetic sound barrier in front of Anza, "This will keep him from hearing us." "He must be convinced to help with the cipher." Katipo suggests. "I will put a spell on him that will control his actions." "The Chosen One is endowed with great magic that must also be thwarted. Will your spell keep him from using his magic against you?" "I am more powerful than he is." "What is next?"

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